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Rhea Tan
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My current aspirations if to become a professional voice actress. I got into art when I started watching anime, and designing my own characters. I love working with other artists in group to do collaborations and trades and whatnot, so be sure to talk to me if you're interested!

Digital Hearts Project

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 11, 2013, 3:34 PM

Update November 12: updated confirmed characters and linked them to their group applications

Hey guys I am right now starting on a new project for :iconthedigitalwar: I have decided to attempt to make a visual novel using the Ren'Py engine, especially after playing the demo for Hatoful Boyfriend. 

Concept: I want to make a visual novel style game that is like the dating sim Hatoful Boyfriend, but instead of dating pigeons the love interests will be digimon. The main character will be a Floramon, no other options will be available to select. This way we can draw the CGs with the love interests interacting with the player character. The personality of the Floramon however is completely up to the players because they will be selecting the responses. Why digimon you ask? Digimon in their rookie forms are easier and faster to draw, especially when multiple images are needed to express emotions. They also won't need a change of clothes for dating. This will mean less files for me to manage and draw in the long run. No humans will be appearing in the game whatsoever.

Plot: Floramon is from a digimon village of plants that have recently discovered an artifact radiating a strange energy. They have kept it in the village but was attacked the next day. Floramon, still being a rookie digimon, flees knowing she stands no chance at winning. She is found by one of the invaders and blacks out when hit with an attack. The next time Floramon wakes up she is in Astra where the leaders agree to send in some tamers to help her save her village...

Gameplay: The game will take place in a month with major events being broken down by weeks. The first week after Floramon wakes up will be her 'recovery' stage where she's still getting better, so she gets to know the partner digimon better. A short biography will be given of each datable digimon in the menu. Taking to each digimon will give basic information about them such as likes and dislikes etc.

Players MUST talk to all characters instead of focusing on just one route. This is a group after all and so the digimon have interacted with each other at some point or another, or have heard of the other digimon's reputation. Talking to someone else will unlock more conversation options later when you go chat with your intended love interest, or give you a useful item later in your inventory. There will be no notes section in the menu to help you remember this information so it's up to the players to remember what each digimon likes or dislikes. There will be however, a handy relationship meter to help gauge which digimon in the team likes you or not!

As weeks go by certain events are set to happen. For example day 15 might rain heavily forcing everyone to take shelter. The characters will go about doing their own thing and the game will ask the player what they want to do. Lapis for example will want to be outside since he likes to get wet and hates to be near crowds. Another digimon on the other hand might be sleeping in a corner and having a nightmare. These events are set to happen weather the players choose to talk to them or not. Similar to Majora's Mask players will soon be able to figure out where any given character is during a playthough and help change a character's 'destiny' in each playthough. If for example Lapis is set to break his leg at a certain point in time, the player could be there to stop it. In another playthough if the player chose to interact with someone else, Lapis will show up later injured. 

There will be a Gallery in the main menu to show which CGs you have already collected in a route. Collecting them all will unlock bonus content. There will be also be a Credits page that will link players to the application pages of the original owners, as well as a Musicbox page for music. 

Confirmed Characters:
:bulletblack: Fennecmon (not a romance option)
:bulletblack: Bietimon: Black hearted and cruel
:bulletblack: Namamon: The shota
:bulletblack: Magi and Tyks: Mysterious, yet kind and oblivious

Wanna Help?
Guys this is a pretty big project and I can't possibly do everything on my own! I'll need some help and support from the group to get the game finished. Understand that if you volunteer you will need to keep in contact with me either though notes or on skype. Think about the demands before sending me notes agreeing to help. Also know that you're volunteering to work for free. Sorry I can't pay you, but of course you will be put in the credits of the game! If you are interested note me with the subject "Digital Hearts ___" and fill in the blank with the position you're interested in helping out with as well as information on how much time you can dedicate to this project.

:bulletblack: I need a Background artist. Though I can do the sprites on my own I would like it if someone could do the polished backgrounds for me. You must have in your note to me an example of backgrounds you have done before

:bulletblack: This is not as pressing as the background artist, but I would also like to have someone else doing the CGs. It won't be a total loss if no one goes for this, but it means the game will take longer to release when I have to draw it myself. You must be able to draw a Floramon from all angles as well as other digimon submitted as characters. Upload concept art of how you would draw Floramon, other confirmed characters added might increase your chances of getting contacted

:bulletblack: Beta tester: I will need patient people who can work with me to catch all the errors and glitches in the game and play though EVERY path. I also cannot give you a guide to get the perfect ending, so you'd have to go back and click every option and tell me how you felt about the storyline. You will be getting a lot of files from me so make sure you have room from it. You'd also have to keep everything a secret until the game is released. Beta testers must have skype so I can get immediate feedback on errors in the game, so have that in your note to me

Submitting Characters

This is a project from :iconthedigitalwar: and so I will only be accepting characters from this group, but this is also a game that will be posted outside DA as well for free. I will allow for some cannon digimon to apply, unless they were digimon who have already appeared as a partner digimon in the anime series. This is because other people outside The Digital War might mix up the species and message me about having your digimon be out of character.

:bulletblack: You can only submit your own digimon, not some one else's. To write a full story from start to finish I will have to keep in constant contact with you to keep their personalities in tact. I might at some points ask for a role play where I would play as the Floramon just to get inspiration to write the routes. 

:bulletblack: You MUST be able to have time for this. If you don't have time to check in with me every week, then you're only delaying the project for everyone. I'm not going to insist for you to respond to my notes every single night, but once a week at LEAST so I can keep everything up to date. 

:bulletblack: They can't be the "generic nice guy". My main concern is that too many characters will start to be similar that there would be no point in pursuing other routes. A lot of digimon characters are nice, but what will set them apart from the rest that would make first time players want to pursue them? The key to this is, how will they hold up as supporting characters from other character routes? They have to be interesting to not fall flat, but now so overwhelming they hog the spotlight from everyone else. 

:bulletblack: MAKE SURE YOU READ THIS WHOLE JOURNAL. Now look under the Confirmed Characters list. If their personalities are similar someone else already there, chances are you won't be selected. 

:bulletblack: by applying to have your character in the game, you are agreeing to allow me some creative liberties to fit you in. You are also agreeing to allow other people OUTSIDE TDW to look at it and draw fanart for your characters. Please don't note me later and start making a messy issue over ownership. Your will be credited for your fakemon designed if you submit a fakemon. Don't be upset if you see other start copying you or making fanart it would be out of my control. Consider this before applying

:bulletblack: You MUST have good references of your digimon, even if it's a cannon digimon. From all angles. If you apply, I will be asking you for a lot of references, and you will have to draw them for me if necessary. A basic requirement would be to fill out an emotion chart meme so I can get started on their character sprites. You will not be drawing the sprites yourself so don't worry about colours unless absolutely necessary. This is to keep the game consistent on art. 

:bulletblack: obviously put a link to your application so I can read up on your characters.

If you are fine with these conditions, and other ones I might add in the future, then send a note to me titled "Digital Hearts Character App" I will be asking you a question to make sure you read this whole journal!

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