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 AbnormallyNice:     It was the next day and Ryan just left the school grounds. He had stayed back after classes to find the tutors Charity had spoken of. He got some worksheets and extra help and was now off the clock.  

Chiwamon popped out of Ryan's bag when he was sure it was safe to do so. "Ahhh, that was a good day~ Especially considering what the previous two days had been like, right Ryan?"  

 "I have to admit, today did not suck as much." he smiled. Even if he and Charity had their snarky exchanges for each other, he was starting to find it to be the norm, and thus the day was pretty easy.  

"Where are we going? The bus is the other way, isn't it?" the Digimon asked from where he hung on Ryan's shoulder.  

 "Did you forget? I owe Lapis cake for saving your life and for saving our hides." the boy recalled the previous day.  

 "Oh yes, just rewards I would say. Oh! Are we going to that little cafe? Zeke says they have really good cake!"  

 "You understand what Slymon says?"  

 "He draws me pictures and teaches me digicode." the Digimon proudly announced his progress.  

 "Look at you. At this rate you'll pass Japanese before I do." Ryan joked and gave a tiny grin.  

 Beeku:     Charity had finished going over the table in her area and placed the fresh cut flower centrepiece. Each area was divided up by the colour of the flowers on the table, and the maid in charge of that area wore a corresponding coloured rose pinned to their apron. Another silk rose of their corresponding colour was also sewn onto their head dress. Charity's colour was blue.  

 Her boss was already setting out the special cakes and dessert for tonight. Some of the other maids were in the back pulling out the dishes from the dishwasher while others were placing the menus down.  

 AbnormallyNice:     The Tamer and Digimon duo reached the cafe and Ryan gave a sigh as he checked the place out.  

 "So...girly...and...frilly...Okay. We get in. Buy cake. Get out. Simple." he set out the battle plan.  

 "And I shall have your back. Literally, haha!" Chiwamon chuckled and hid in Ryan's backpack once more.  

 One more deep breath and Ryan pushed the door open and stepped inside.  

 Beeku:     "Welcome Mast- YOU FUCKTARD!" Charity screeched at Ryan when she lifted her head from the curtsy she was doing. "I told you not to come in here" She hissed at a quieter volume so her boss couldn't fire her over harassing a customer. She tugged the ends of the short skirt, just willing it to grow two inches longer. Charity blushed beet red while waiting for a response from Ryan. She couldn't boot him out or shove him as she normally would if he annoyed her.  

 AbnormallyNice:     Ryan stood in the doorway, frozen. For a moment he hoped he wasn't imagining what he was seeing because it was probably the most amazing and hilarious thing. Ever. In the history of the world. Maybe even the universe.  

 When Charity waited for his reply, an awkward moment passed before his mouth started to turn into a crooked smile and he softly snicked.  

 "I...I'm sorry, Miss...pfft...D-do I..kgh pfffft...know you...?" he tried to talk while stifling his laughter. It was taking every fiber of his being to not just fall on the floor a laugh his guts out. He never expected this in a million years.  

 "Ah hah...T-table for 1...please." he straightened himself out, still clear he wanted to laugh.  

 Beeku:     Charity growled, but could feel the eyes of her co workers keeping an eye on her. "Aha come in come in" She honestly tried to smile, but the corners of her lips twitched as she scowled darkly at him. "You may choose any seat, and the maid in charge with pick up your order."    *pleasenotbluepleasenotbluepleasenotblue God if you're real he will NOT pick the blue tables*    Charity was hoping Ryan would be someone else's problem.  

 AbnormallyNice:     "Hmmmm~" Ryan looked around, teasingly looking at one section and then skipping to the next. "Pink? Nah...How about yellow? No, no."  

 He rolled his eyes so the landed on Charity, then he smiled mischievously. "Those are lovely blue roses. Ah. Blue...yes I think the blue section will be good, thank you~"  

 He was being annoyingly suave and happy about this, only because he would probably never have this opportunity again...seeing as he'd probably have to flee the country to escape Charity's wrath. So he was going to milk this for all it was worth.  

 Beeku:         *WAS I SUPPOSED TO SACRIFICE A GOAT FIRST BEFORE YOU DID THE ONE THING I ASKED FOR*     Charity mentally seethed. Oh how she wanted to throttle that smug bastard stinging in front of her. Oh how she was going to find her spikiest, sharpest steel toed boots so she could stamp him into a fine pulp. [    Fuck you tiny trouser shitter!    ] She growled in German under her breath before remembering 'service with a smile' "I mean sit right down, I'll get you your team master" Charity felt like she died a little on the inside.  

 AbnormallyNice:     Ryan sat down, resting his hands under his chin as he smiled wide.  

 "Oh? A team you say? Lovely, lovely." he commented and awaited whatever was in store for him. "Also, the 'master' is a nice touch~"  

 Curious as to why Charity and Ryan sounded so out of character, Chiwamon peeked out of Ryan's backpack from where the boy had placed it on the floor next to him. He made sure no-one spotted him as he took a look around. Why were they sitting down? Chiwamon thought they were getting in and out as fast as possible.  

 Beeku:     "T-tea. I meant to say tea!" Great, now she was so flustered she was messing up her words. Charity went into the back room where the kitchen was. "Maybe I can drop some rat poison in his tea" She mused, but didn't even try to do it. There was a definite boundary Charity wasn't willing to cross. No matter how much he was going to harass her all day, Charity would never really do anything so reckless and life threatening. Charity glared at the countertop- or more specifically what was happening there.  

 A fork was levitating with a bit of cake at the end of it. "Zeke you peabrain" She flicked her invisible digimon, breaking the illusion. "That doesn't work when you're eating the cake." Zeke lifted his nose. He could smell a familiar smell on Charity's uniform. Since she left it in her locker upstairs, the only scents on her were her customers. Zeke blinked. Chiwamon and Ryan were here then? He pulled his leaf back onto his head before disappearing to go look for them.  

 Charity assembled a nice     flowery     tea set, a pitcher of hot water, and an assortment of tea leaves. Of course to pamper their customers Charity HAD to pour the water into the pot for him. Damn this was going to be a long day.  

 AbnormallyNice:     Ryan waited patiently for his tea to arrive, a much too cheerful smile plastered on his face.  

 "Psssst!" a voice called from Ryan's bag and he looked down at Chiwamon.  

 "Ryan, what's going on? What is Charity doing and why are you sitting there...?" the Digimon curiously inquired.  

 "Hehe, Charity is my maid today." he chuckled almost a little too loud.  

 "...."Chiwamon's face revealed exactly what he was thinking: that this was going to end badly in some way or another.  

 "Relax, I'm just tugging on her strings a harm done." the boy tried to reassure the creature.  

 "I do wonder why she hasn't punched you yet. You are clearly not strong enough to take her if it comes to that." Chiwamon mused, finding these two Tamer's 'friendship dynamic' very strange.  

 "Hey!" Ryan warned Chiwamon and the little monster chuckled to himself, hiding back into the bag.  

 Beeku:     Charity placed the set in front of Ryan and waited for him to pick a flavour before she started pouring water into the teapot for his table. It was while the tea leaves were steeping that she got an idea. "Here-" She lifted the teapot but her 'hand slipped' and scalding hot water splashed onto the table and onto Ryan as well. Charity was satisfied most of the water landed on his pants, he would have to walk home looking like he had an accident.  

 "Oopsie~" Charity grinned while tilting her head and smacking herself in a cute way. "I'm sorry master your clumsy maid did an oopsie" She was using that sweet voice that might have passed for apologetic to someone else, but Ryan KNEW Charity well enough. "Don't worry! I can get you some ice cream to make it up to you" Charity scurried back into the kitchen.  

 Zeke clicked his tongue as he reappeared again under Ryan's table. A bit of the hot water was still raining from the table and splashed his nose causing him to sneeze. He pulled up a pamphlet and offered it to Ryan. It had some interesting rules and attractions for this particular cafe- such as paying extra to have the maids cosplay for you. There were some games you could play with the maids, or repeat customers can gain enough points for homemade chocolate from the servers. It probably explained why there were some guys here in this girly restaurant.  

 AbnormallyNice:     Ryan jumped up as the hot water burned this lower body. "OW! FREAKING-! What the hell is wrong with---!" he stopped himself before he caused a scene. He padded himself in an attempt to get the water of his pants and the lower part of his school-shirt. When Charity scurried of, he glowered at her.  

 "Accident my foot." he grumbled to himself. "I'll get you for this, 'little maid'."  

 It was then that Zeke clicked his tongue and grabbed Ryan's attention. He went down on one knee to get under the table.  

 "Hey, buddy. I don't know how you put up with that Tamer of- oh? What's this?" he took the pamphlet from the fox.  

 Chiwamon then scampered out of Ryan's bag as soon as he sensed Zeke was near.  

 "Hello Zeke!" he whispered. "I warned Ryan this was going to happen. But these two just love poking each other don't they?"  

 Ryan's mischievous grin returned as he read through the pamphlet. "Zeke, you just handed me my ticket to revenge~" he pet the Digimon's head before standing back up.  

 "Um, excuse me?" Ryan tried to grab another maid's attention. "Do you have a bathroom where I can change?"  

 Fortunately, he had a t-shirt in his bag in case of emergencies. Not a clean pair of pants though, but that was no problem. Ryan would use his wet pants as an excuse to stay a little longer and wait for them to dry.  

 Oh Lapis, if only Ryan wasn't buying cake for you, or he would have used the money on a cosplay request~  

 Beeku:     Charity came out with the free ice cream in a decent sized bowl. There were different scoops of ice cream flavours from green tea to strawberry all placed on bananas cut perfectly in half. Of course as a maid working in the cafe Charity had to be trained in food preparation. Half the fun of working here was making something so cute. It wasn't a life skill, but it was still something nice to have when hosting a party- not that Charity really could hold a birthday party with no friends.  

 "Master" Charity had to grit her teeth to stop herself from letting out a foul insult. "Here's your ice cream. Here let me pour the chocolate sauce for you" She picked up the squeeze bottle and started writing on the ice cream with the chocolate sauce as her ink /You're so dead/ she had a chipper smile on her face. "Now do you need me to spoon feed you to master?" she asked him in a challenging tone, as if to dare Ryan to say yes.  

 Zeke wrinkled his nose. This was going to end badly, on the other hand Ryan had a big bowl of ice cream. if Ryan turned Charity down he'd find a way to climb up onto the seats and eat it himself. At least when Charity see him she'd be kind enough to feed him.  

 AbnormallyNice:     Ryan just smiled back at Charity as she dared him. It looked like he had found some kryptonite. He quickly bent down and pulled a clean shirt from his pack.  

 "Not yet." Ryan chimed.  

 He stuck his finger in the ice cream and pulled a line through the chocolate sauce message. He looked up at Charity and popped his finger in his mouth, licking the chocolate.  

 "Your 'Master' does request a cup of coffee. And when I come back, please do tell me about these-" Ryan held up the flyer. "'games' we can play." he gave a wink and then turned and went into the restroom.  

 It was really weird for Ryan to act this cheerful around...anyone. But he was having fun,which was equally as weird. It might have been a strange dynamic but the boy liked being around Charity, truly. Even going as far as being 'flirty' with her.  

 Beeku:     "Wu-wuh?" Charity couldn't help but be flabbergasted. She must not have heard right, but she spotted her digimon's tail under the table and she saw the pamphlet. If Charity wasn't already painting on her white foundation she would have gone paler. She gripped the dish rag between her two hands stretching it, thinking about how easy it would be to wring the cloth around his neck until his face turned red.  

 ...Too many witnesses.  

 "Ugh, you can't just order coffee in a cafe" Charity explained to him as if he were a really slow child. "What size, how much milk, sugar? Do you want a latte? I can draw latte art you know" since Ryan was a 'special' customer to her though, Charity would be sure to draw a skull and crossbones in his cup. ((Charity can probably prep a Latte Chiwamon if she put her mind to it, but she'd be too busy glaring at Ryan so the final result would be derpy))  

 "Right games. Well you can't do any betting games like poker or blackjack. I can play go fish with you or slapjack. Depends on how long it would take, I have other tables to look after" Charity checked, nope her section was still deserted. "Another game is a drawing one. Basically we have a magic hat at the front where other customers write down suggestions. You and I get a piece of paper and we pick a suggestion We get other maids to judge it and winner gets a small prize- nothing big. It's probably a cake slice"  

 AbnormallyNice:     Ryan went into the restroom and quickly swapped shirts. He soon returned and sat down by the table again, where he heard the games that could be played.  

 "Hmmm...that drawing game actually sounds fun. And if I win a piece of cake, then I don't have to pay for Lapis' bribe." he pondered the last bit for himself.  

 "Cool, let's do that." he said out loud to Charity. "And latte? Ew...too much milk.  Double espresso, three sugars, no milk. Can you make that?" he asked. He meant to ask it like was it something they made at the cafe, not that he thought Charity was unable to make it. It probably sounded like the latter.  

 Chiwamon was still under the table with Zeke. He poked Ryan in the leg to get his attention. "Ryan? Are you going to eat that ice cream...?" he inquired, his eyes sparkling.  

 The boy knew what his Digimon was really asking and took the bowl and placed it on the floor for the Digimon to have.  

 "Thank you!" Chiwamon whispered and licked his lips.  

 "This looks so good! At least, it smells really nice~ Oh...wait. Does this have chocolate in it...? I wouldn't want a repeat of the other day." The tiny creature asked his friend.  

 Beeku:     "Don't treat me like some special kid who burns down the kitchen. I wouldn't HAVE a job here if I can't make good coffee" Charity glared at Ryan. Honestly why did he bother entering the cafe if he didn't trust the staff to at least be competent at their jobs. "Ugh" Charity went to the front to retrieve the cafe's magical hat before putting her cute act back on.  

 "Master~" She wanted to throw up "I brought the magic hat, and now he have to say the charm to bring us both luck" This was still a maid cafe that does market cuteness above all else. "Ok give me your hand and close your eyes" Charity's lips twitched trying to keep a straight face "when I count to three I transfer all my doki doki charms to you while you pick up a slip." Usually the maids were supposed to tell the customer to say a cutesy chant like pi-pi-picori to complete it, but she would rather kick his shins and get fired before they did something so cute together. ESPECIALLY SINCE THIS WEIRDO WAS FLIRTING WITH HER. It was weird. Charity felt greasy just thinking about it.  

 Zeke nodded. Charity did write her threat to Ryan in chocolate sauce after all. If Slymon could facepalm he would be once he read Charity's handwriting. Points for having neat curvy cute handwriting though. Zeke leaned in and licked the chocolate sauce off of the whole dish. Slymon whistled lightly and gestured to the ice cream indicating Zeke ate all the chocolate. If Chiwamon wasn't grossed out he could take the first bite since he had a mouthful already.  

 AbnormallyNice:     Ryan hesitated when he had to give Charity his hand, wondering if it was such a good idea. For all he knew, she'd pour hot coffee on his palm. But he did it and he was so glad when he did.  

 Ryan bit his lip and smiled like a goof. He had to muster everything in his being to not laugh his lungs out from the cute Charity was trying to give him. He snickered and chuckled as he stuck his hand in the hat and grabbed a slip.  

 "Your pleased...pffft AHAHAHA!" he couldn't hold his laughter anymore as he pulled a slip and fell back in his chair. He was probably going to lose his head from an incoming boot to the face, but seeing Charity being 'cute' was totally worth it.  

 Chiwamon rubbed his paws together and licked his lips. "Thank you Zeke! You are as true as friends come~" he thanked the Digimon and stuck his face in the first scoop of ice cream. Honestly, he didn't think what Zeke did was all that gross. Dogs licked far 'grosser' things than that from what Chiwamon knew. And quite frankly, the ice cream looked so good, that he didn't care.  

 When the Digimon lifted his head, his face was covered in pink cream, a wide smile hiding behind it. "Hmmmm~!"  

 Beeku:     "Seriously why the fuck are you here" Charity hissed under her breathe. Some of her co workers had turned to look to see why her customer was laughing so hard, and flashed her the thumbs up for getting her customer to relax so quickly. The only way she stayed sane without foaming at her mouth in anger was the thought of tomorrow. Tomorrow when Ryan sat in front of her in class. She was going to make him pay.  

 "P-p Pi pi picori~<3" Charity was not having fun. Charity sighed and waited for Ryan to pull out a paper slip. "Congratulations, we have to draw Momotaro and friends" At least Charity knew what that was, but she doubted Ryan was well acquainted with Japanese folk stories. "Right" Charity sat down with the entry paper in front of her. She wrote her name neatly at the bottom before she got to work.  

 Zeke frowned slightly. Ice cream was one of those things you had to eat slowly or else you get brain freeze. He plopped down and gripped one of Chiwamon's frills with his toes and gently tugged him away from the bowl while shaking his head, though he suspected the damage would have already been done.  

 AbnormallyNice:     Ryan kept chuckling and a few tears formed in his eyes from laughing so much.  

 His laughter sided when he heard what the subject was.  

 "Wait. Momo and...what?" he asked, genuinely confused. He group up in a foreign African country, so naturally he didn't know what the folk tale was. He did recall the name from somewhere though. He probably read it somewhere long ago. He wished he could remember, mainly because he felt like Charity would rub it in.  

 Chiwamon had fortunately only flopped his face in the treat and licked some of it, so he hadn't frozen his brain...yet.  

 He looked at Zeke questioningly. "What's the matter? Is this not the best way to enjoy ice-cream? It smelled so good I just wanted to dive right in. Heh heh." he chuckled, licking ice cream that was around his mouth.  

 Beeku:     "Well numbnuts today I feel gracious so I'll tell you a story" Charity started drawing a peach "There was once a boy who was the size of a peach that was adopted. When he grew up and was still tiny he decided it would be a good idea to leave his parents behind and travel demon island to fight ogres." Charity finished drawing the needle sword that Momotaro wielded. "On his way he befriended three animals, a monkey, a pheasant, and a dog. They agreed to come on his quest after he fed them donuts" Charity lied and instead drew some millet dumplings. "When he arrived the ogres there didn't notice they stepped on him and so his quest ended in vain. Moral of the story is, don't bite of more than you can chew" Well that story got dark very fast. Charity finished off her picture before turning it over. "You have five minutes before I submit this to the voting panel."  

 Zeke waited a while before eventually shaking his head. His keen programming made note that Chiwamon didn't get brain freeze, and therefore must have some ice type affinity. His programing took this a step further and selected the best virus core digimon to destroy Chiwamon should the need arise. Slymon looked at the ice cream with a sullen expression. It was painful to make friends knowing you will hurt them in the end. He sat down and pushed the bowl over to Chiwamon. He just lost his appetite.  

 AbnormallyNice:     Wow. That didn't end the way Ryan had expected. But he remembered a lot of other fairy tales with less that happy endings, so Ryan guessed it was somewhat to be expected.  

 "A boy, a monkey, an pheasant and a dog? Sounds simple enough." Ryan said and started to draw.  

 The animals were simple enough, he thought. He drew a monkey with a long tail, the pheasant with a proud look and a dog, that sort of looked like Hachimon. He guessed the dog would be close to a Shiba Inu, since the breed seemed popular to the Japanese. He got stuck on the boy though. Ryan didn't know if Momotaro had a certain look that Charity declined to say. But he tried to copy the drawing Charity had made, along with the sword. He guessed the boy was very proud and brave, you had to be if you wanted to take on ogres. So he drew Momotaro in a heroic pose. It all looked pretty good, if Ryan had to say so himself. Those hours spent doodling had come in handy.  

 "Done. I think..." Ryan said, having no trouble to finish in the time given.  

 Chiwamon tilted his head to the side, sensing Zeke was a little less than himself.  

 He pushed the bowl toward the fox again. "Please, my friend. Share this with me. It would much like to enjoy it with you!" he gave a warm smile, hoping that whatever Zeke was worried about could be fixed with a friendly gesture.  

 Beeku:     Charity took the sheets of papers before submitting them. "You'll know by the end of your stay if you won anything or not." she told him bluntly. "Anything else master" She was really getting tired of saying this to Ryan. Charity was holding up the ends of her maid skirt to curtsy to him.  

 Zeke considered it but just ate the ice cream anyways.     *There is no datamon. There is no datamon. He's not telling me to do the things. As long as he stays away I won't have to hurt anyone again QnQ*     Zeke reminded himself firmly. The digital world was a scary place. Echo server especially, it had too much memories of people he had betrayed in the past. Zeke was not as bloodthirsty or as malicious as his two brother specimens, but that didn't make him any less responsible for the downfall of that server.  

 AbnormallyNice:     Ryan grinned, rather liking the whole 'Master' bit. His amusement of it was starting to die down a little, as he guessed he was getting used to it.  

 "A question, if I may." he asked, holding a finger in the air.  

 He didn't wait for a response as he leaned a little closer and quietly asked: "Why would you work in a Maid Cafe?"  

 Chiwamon smiled and helped Zeke devour the cold treat that was given to them.  

 Beeku:     "Tch. It's because I like cosplaying, and acting. Who can really say they get to dress up in cute costumes for a living? Also, since this cafe is close to a school that allows international students, speaking Japanese fluently isn't a requirement" That would have been a pain when Charity first moved to this country. Ryan might actually encounter this as well- unless he joined some after school club for his high school transcript. "Besides, my demonic cousin is charging me rent and I need the cash. To be honest since my personality caters to a very niche market, I get good tips from patrons who enjoy pissing me off" not that Charity was expecting much if he was trying to win free cake.  

 Zeke curled his tail around him in contentment. If he still had the ability he would be purring. Instead he just cleaned the leftover ice cream residue off of his face with a silly grin. Today was pretty fun, even if it seemed like his partner was still in a foul mood. She was probably going to use his abilities to get revenge on Ryan. The poor sap.  

 AbnormallyNice:     "I see." Ryan nodded knowingly. "But aren't you afraid people would see you? I mean, even with all the things you mentioned, you looked less than thrilled when     I     walked through the door."  

 Ryan sat back in his chair, folding his arms to get comfortable. "And you actually enjoy getting pissed off?" he raised an eyebrow, criticizing her choice in employment and her reasoning behind it.  

 Chiwamon sighed after finishing the treat, his stomach a little extended.  

 "Delightful~ If we can get treats like this, Ryan and I should come by all the time!"  

 But upon saying that, he realized that Charity would probably not be pleased, seeing as she seemed to be quite bitter at having them there. "Th-that is...maybe just every once in a while." he nervously chuckled, cuddling more into Zeke.  

 Beeku:     "You idiot" Charity hissed. It was difficult to explain, even if the concept was easy for Charity to grasp. Ryan was in a different category than her regular customers. Her customers just itemize her, put her on a pedestal and treat her as a one dimensional caricature for their amusement. "I don't know them personally. For us seeing me like this is purely professional. They won't see me on the streets, and if they do it's not like they'd go out of their way to spend time with me" Charity scowled.  

 Ryan was different. He's seen her, and probably can anticipate her mood swings. He doesn't think of her only as "that one moody kid" or "that goth chick". He was someone Charity genuinely enjoyed talking to when they had the chance. Even if she was in a bad mood, encountering him put her in a better state of mind, even if she couldn't show it. "I'd hate to have you think of me as some puppet to dance for your amusement." She finally admitted  

 Because he was her friend. It didn't matter if other people saw her do the cosplay and acting, but Ryan knew her as a person. Him walking in on her here might change that, and Charity would hate to lose his friendship if he started treating her differently. "Really if you think you can blackmail me with telling people at the school about this, I'd be really disappointed in you." She had better expectations of him than that.  

 Zeke shrugged as he tried to shuffle around on his rounded belly. Though Chiwamon was worried about Charity's bad temper, he was delighted to think that his tamer was finally making friends, reliable ones. In his opinion she needed this kind of companionship to recover from her traumas in the past. It was good to see that she was reaching out, and that she was finally able to express her other feelings rather than anger. It was as if Ryan was slowly pulling out her good traits that were hiding behind her crabby, spiked shell.  

 He smiled at Chiwamon and shook his head to disagree about limiting their visits. 'Ryan good friend' he mouthed to the other digimon, exaggerating the lip movements so Chiwamon could figure it out.  

 AbnormallyNice:     "...." Ryan raised his brow, finding Charity's words less than he expected. There was something behind them, but he couldn't quite put his finger on what it was. A puppet for his amusement? Sure, this was entertaining, but not in the way she was describing it. He wasn't going out of his way to make fun of her, but purely to just joke around. If it was anybody else he might have known from school, he wouldn't have put them through the paces like he did with Charity. He did it because he knew she could take it, and dish it back out, which made her fun to be around.  

 Ryan put his arms on the table, looking down at the teacups and decoration that was laid on there.  

 "Why the hell would I do that? I'd get nothing from 'blackmailing' you. I'd probably lose more than I would gain." he commented calmly. He would lose a friendship if he did that most likely.  

 "I'm not some sadist who just wants to see you squirm. I just like yanking your chains because I know you know I'm not doing it to be malicious."  

 It was hard for him to just say: 'because you're my friend'. It's been long since he's had a 'friend' outside of his immediate family.  

 "Or at least, I hope you know it."  

 He looked up again, giving a mischievous grin. "Although that dancing sounds pretty funny. Is that a thing I can ask for?" he tried to joke and lighten the mood, looking around as if to find a menu he could request it from. If he showed too much of his softer side, Charity might find a way of making fun of him later.  

 Chiwamon smiled and nodded when he got what Zeke was saying.  

 "Very good to hear~ And your Tamer seems to be having an impact on mine as well, for the better of course."  

 He was happy. Not only for Ryan, who had found someone equally as hidden in their shell and could help each other out. But that if they were to be friends, Chiwamon could spend more time with Zeke. Even though he was silent, the little Fox's company was delightful. And if getting rid of the chocolate syrup was any indication, Zeke could like out for him.  

 Beeku:     "Yeah yeah fucknuts. Just know that I've dealt with real shit classmates alright?" There were some kids in school who were outstanding in terms of finding excuses to harass her. It was like they had no lives. Then there were even worst ones who just pretended nothing was wrong in their little worlds. "I don't lump you in with those retards, but don't ever give me a reason to" Charity gave a grin to mirror his mischievous expression "You might find something gross in your locker some day" Charity snickered. The best thing about having a digimon who was modified and coded to be a super spy was, she was able to get into things that were supposed to be secured.  

 "You wanna dance?" She asked him blandly "Once I start the music you're going to have to sit through all the doki doki beats" she told him with a serious face "The music they have in the jukebox there" Charity pointed at a pearl white jukebox in the back that had minimal floral decorations engraved into the wood. "The songs are so sugary sweet, but if you put the money in there for a song, the maids in the whole store are supposed to start dancing. It's like an impromptu disco party, but not with disco"  

 Zeke's ears perked up when Charity talked about the juke box. Personally there was one song he did enjoy from it, but every time someone did manage to play it, Charity would dance with him since he 'enhanced her cuteness'. At least he wouldn't be left behind or ignored.  

 AbnormallyNice:     Ryan snickered, again surprised that this place had something like this. "You know I was totally kidding...right?" he chuckled, but leaned in to grab a few loose coins in his bag. "But if you insist."  

 Chiwamon watched as his Tamer got up to go somewhere, and noticed that even Zeke seemed pumped up for...something.  

 "I do hope this does not end in disaster." he chuckled nervously.  

 Ryan stopped by the Jukebox, looking for any 'good' songs to play. They all seemed very gross and pop-ey...from what he could tell. The Japanese writing was still a little hard to read sometimes. He picked a song that had some English titling in it, shoving the coin in the large box and pressing the button.  

 The music would probably make his ears bleed, but he was curious to see what would happen, especially if all the maids joined in.  

 Beeku:     The maids seemed to have noticed that someone had put on music. They quickly pulled over one lucky customer in their sections to start dancing with. The place was filled with the quiet murmurs of "Please come dance master" as the maids started a co ordinated dance. Charity rolled her eyes and also played along. "Master Ryan you have to dance now you dingbat" Charity reached under the table to grab her partner. She was NOT going to hold Ryan's hand and dance to pop music.  

 Zeke grinned when the music started playing. A pleased trill left his muzzle as his tail swayed to the bubblegum pop tune. He carefully studied Chiwamon's reaction. He was a fairly new digimon right? Had Chiwamon heard human music before? Digimon didn't really have -good- music, not unless you were fond of Etemon's music based attacks. He hopped over to let Charity pick him up as she held him in her arms for a dance.  

 AbnormallyNice:     Ryan looked around at what was unfolding before him. Why were they taking customers out of their seats?  

 When Charity explained, Ryan stared at her for a long second.  

 "HAH! No." he spat out, sounding very amused on the first laughed, then incredibly unimpressed on the dismissal. He stuck his hands in his pockets and walked back to his seat, sitting down and showing     no     intention of dancing.  

 Chiwamon listened to the curious sounds and started to lightly bob his head. Sure, he'd heard music before, but not really anything this...bouncy? The Digimon started to clap his little paws together on the beat while watching the maid's and Zeke dance.  

 Beeku:     Charity grinned "Everyone saw you pay for the music, you're fucking obligated now" If she had to do this she was going to drag him down with her. She placed Zeke back onto the table before reaching out and grabbing Ryan by his wrist. A small pout worked it's way onto her lips as she tugged gently "come on, don't be a mule about this" She held herself from cussing as she invited Ryan to at least stand next to her.  

 Zeke scrambled back down beside Chiwamon. He seemed to be snickering seeing Charity insist on dancing with Ryan. So much for staying in his comfort zone right? At least it would be an interesting story to tell his friends in the future. Zeke grinned as she still swayed to and fro beside Chiwamon, flashing the other digimon a cute smile.  

 AbnormallyNice:     Ryan wanted to protest, but hearing her asking him (seemingly nicely) to dance, he grumbled and let her pull him along.  

 When he was standing, he pushed his hands back into his pockets and raised his shoulders in an attempt to hide his cheeks. They were quickly turning red from embarrassment. He was definitely out of his comfort zone so he just stood there, like a statue.  

 Chiwamon giggled at Ryan's blush. It was kinda cute whenever that happened, the Digimon had to admit.  

 This dancing was getting contagious and Chiwamon started to sway a bit more, until he bumped into Zeke.  

 "Oh pardon! I don't know what's gotten into me." he chuckled. "But it is very intoxicating in a way, no?"  

 Beeku:     Charity was pleasantly surprised Ryan put up a fight. The blush he was attempting to hide though was predictable. She had to clamp down on her urge to roll her eyes at him, or make a snarky comment. Yeah if she were to be doing something different she would probably have the same reaction, only she would be slapping whomever dragged her into the mess. "You'll be fine. But if you just stand there like a garden gnome you'll stand out more" Charity pointed out. She raised her hand above her head and started dancing, gently bumping her hip against Ryan.  

 Zeke shook his head and shrugged. There was nothing to apologize for, they were both having fun. His tail thumped rhythmically in morse code saying that human music was good, and dancing meant it was doing what it was meant to do. Slymon though about his 'big brother' digimon Lapis. That cabbit was able to launch into musical numbers and choreograph intricate moves for it- at 2 in the morning no less.  

 AbnormallyNice:     Being bumped, Ryan pouted and blushed more. But she did have a point. He didn't want to stand out more than he already was. However, every fibre of his being worked against him, wanting him to just stand there like he was frozen. Working against the voices in his head that were telling him he looked stupid, he     somehow     moved his feet. Only from side to side, though. His hands remained in his pockets and he forced his head to bop to the music slightly. No one had to tell him because he could feel it: he looked ridiculous.  

 Feeling the happy tune, Chiwamon grabbed one of Zeke's paws/feet and twirled around him. Digimon dancing was probably not the most graceful thing, but Chiwamon was having fun with his friend, so he wasn't as worried about how he looked like his Tamer was.  

 Beeku:     Fortunately for Ryan, the song didn't last too long. Charity didn't make a comment as she sat back down in the booth with Ryan. "There, not the end of the world" She spoke in a nonchalant tone while twirling one of her pigtails around one of her fingers. Charity noted that Ryan had finished most of the food he ordered and started to clear the table and stack them. That awkward silence...  

 Zeke was dexterous enough to balance on one foot and hop along to the dance. He didn't even care that the music ended. Chiwamon's laughter was contagious as they enjoyed themselves.  

 AbnormallyNice:     "That's what you think..." Ryan mumbled as he sat down at Charity's comment.  

 He watched as Charity cleared the table and thought it was probably about time to head home. Then he remembered.  

 "So did I win the cake or not?" he asked, recalling the earlier drawing contest.  

 Beeku:     Charity glanced at the front desk where 2-3 maids were gathered together sorting though entries. "I think they're still debating. You're not the only fucker who entered today" Charity rolled her eyes. "Just let me bring these to the back and I'll ask them nicely" Charity wore a teasing smirk "I can see you being the type who can't handle talking to cute girls" She took back the tray of dishes and disappeared to the back room.  

 AbnormallyNice:     "L-like you would know!" Ryan called after her, a little embarrassed. She was probably right though. Normally, girls didn't really catch his attention, but he had to admit that the fact these girls were already wearing relatively cute clothing, it might have been harder to converse with them. Not that he was into that sort of thing...  

 The boy wondered for a second that, if he hadn't met Charity prior to this, would he have been flustered to talk to her as well?  

 He quickly tossed that thought out of his head.  

 Beeku:     Charity came out of the kitchen area and hesitated to move onto the maids judging the entries. Every workplace or classroom had a Rina, that one girl who was the embodiment of a mean girl. Charity wanted to avoid this girl if she could, but there the drama queen was, examining the pictures with a judgemental look. It must have been the way her nose seemed to crinkle, but Charity got the feeling that Rina was mentally mocking the artists.  

 Charity casually walked up to them, unwilling to show fear to or hesitation "So have we decided winners yet?"  

 "No, they're all horrible" Rina glanced at Charity before bringing up the entry Charity gave in "ESPECIALLY this one" Charity wanted to punch the smug look off of her face.  

 "Well if that's especially bad, then fuck off the other entry wins" She growled "I'll go pack his prize up" Charity quickly turned her heel before storming back to Ryan while grumbling choice words in German. "Let's go. You won so pick out a fucking cake from the front" Charity got a cute box to put a slice of cake in.  

 AbnormallyNice:     Ryan pulled a surprised yet 'wtf' look on his face seeing Charity so steamed.  

 "What got into you?" he asked, not really thinking.  

 As for her question, Chiwamon recalled that the cake would go to Lapis, seeing as Ryan promised him cake for two weeks.  

 The Digimon turned to look at Zeke. "I suppose we must get a flavour Lapis likes, yes?"  

 Beeku:     Charity reacted like an angry cat and literally hissed at him. Her upper jaw had a tooth that was chipped, making her other incisor look like a large fang in comparison. "That one bitch I hate was the one judging. Ugh now I have to shower soon, I feel like she shit all over me" All the pent up negativity and Charity couldn't even vent at work. She balled her fists until her knuckles turned white and her nails cut into her palm. "Just don't be a dumbass, pick a cake before she gets here." Rina usually came over when a customer took too long with their order. "She likes to boss me around like I'm pants on head retarded"  

 Zeke rolled his eyes and shrugged. He had seen Lapis eat leftover cake that was burnt. When it comes to flavour his sense of taste was dull, even if his tamer was excellent culinary skills. Looking through the glass display case, Zeke spotted the carrot cake and pointed to it before wiggling his ears. If he had fingers he would mimic having rabbit ears to make fun of his 'older brother' digi. Later Zeke would go over names of cake flavours and things on the menu when teaching Chiwamon how to read.  

 AbnormallyNice:     Ryan rolled his eyes. Not at Charity, but at the description of the supposed bitch. "Lovely." he commented. "Then let's get the cake and get the hell out."  

 Ryan had no intention of meeting this girl after what Charity had said. She sounded exactly like the type of people he despised. Those pushy people who enjoy nothing more than to ruin your day because they think they're better than you. Sure, it might be prejudiced of Ryan to think that way, seeing as he thought he was better than most people, but when he snapped at someone, it was because he wanted to be left alone, not to boost his own ego or spoil the other's mood.  

 The boy stood and headed toward the display case. Chiwamon pointed to the cake Zeke had so descriptively pointed out. The Digimon looked at his Tamer. "Seems like that carrot one over there would be best from Zeke's recommendation, Ryan."  

 "Whatever. As long as my part of the bargain gets filled." the boy added.  

 Beeku:     "Right away master" Charity chimed robotically as she went through the motions of packing the cake. She inhaled deeply as she picked up a tube of icing to decorate the cake with, at least this much was therapeutic. The slices were already frosted over slightly before they were cut, but then the rosettes, writing and walnut shavings were added at the customer's request. Charity studied her handiwork before smiling in satisfaction "Here, Lapis will be happy to release you from your blood oath" Charity gave one of her smug grins.  

 AbnormallyNice:     Ryan held a hand up as Charity handed the cake to him.  

 "Probably easier if you take it with you and give it to him. You live with your cousin, right?" he explained.  

 The boy threw his bag over his shoulder, holding onto the strap. Chiwamon knew what that meant and instantly flew up to his Tamer and scurried into the backpack. He stuck his head out, to get a final look at Zeke and gave a tiny wave and smile.  

 Ryan stood in front of Charity, feeling a bit stupid and embarrassed. He was about to say good-bye but he also wanted to ask if she would be okay, seeing as the other waitress thoroughly ticked her off. He hesitated because he knew she would just make him feel 2 inches tall if he asked her that. Caught between a rock and a hard place, Ryan just kinda stood there awkwardly, face starting to form a pout.  

 Beeku:     Charity felt creeped out by his starring. She checked to make sure no one was watching before she leaned over the counter and flicked his forehead. "Is school really eating away at your brain there? Keep that act up and people will think you're a literal zombie" she told him flatly. "Now shoo. I still have the rest of my shift until 8" Charity would be here for a while, and she still had homework once she got home.  

 Zeke smiled and waved before disappearing with his magical leaf.  

 AbnormallyNice:     Ryan rubbed his forehead as he gave an annoyed glare at Charity. 'She'll be fine', he thought.  

 The boy turned on his heels to leave, giving a final remark as he headed for the door:  

 "Whatever. I'll be back tomorrow!"  

 On that last line, he grinned and you could hear the teasing tone in his voice. He still owed Lapis cake everyday for two weeks, so he could come here to get it and have the added bonus of giving Charity a run for her money. With that he headed out the front door.  

Encounters of The Maid Kind
Day three of their encounters. Man it's like these two are in some kind of romance comedy anime. And so this concludes the first "arc" between out two characters. If you want to see more of Ryan, go visit :iconabnormallynice: 

Day 1:Tamer Encounters
Day 2: Tamer Encounters 2
Beeku: The next day Faith had written a letter to the principal explaining that Charity wasn't skipping, and that Faith had meant to sign her out for a doctor's appointment. Charity was sitting back in her usual seat, looking out the window in a bored manner. Today she had toned down the makeup and hair decorations. She just wasn't in the mood to try and look nice when she felt like she had a fight with the blender. She had left Zeke in her locker to finish off the box of pocky she had bought for him. As promised Charity left a copy of her notes on Ryan's desk, in English. No one bothered to steal the notes, which meant Charity had any real reason to talk to the jerk.

She might take Lapis' advice to heart and punch him in the nose if he had the nerve to approach her.

((And this is why we thank Azulongmon Lapis didn't end up being Charity’s partner))

AbnormallyNice: Ryan had managed to cover his tracks well enough yesterday. He returned to class after his cat-nap and the teacher just seemed to think that his tour had ended. When he was asked where Charity was, he just made up an excuse that she didn't feel well and hoped no-one would ask more. Lucky for him, the rest of the day went off without a hitch. Got homework, went to the Dorm, had dinner, finished homework and slept. Rika had texted him saying that she was working on a project at her university and wouldn't see him until the next day probably. That suited him. He didn't feel like discussing the day's events anyway.

Now he was heading down the school hall, ducking past the other students just to get to his desk.

Turning into the classroom, there were already a few kids around, talking and gossiping since the bell hadn't rung yet. But what he feared had happened. Charity was there before him. Here he was hoping to avoid any awkward interactions...

Avoiding her eye contact, he sat in the seat right in front of hers, where the teacher had suggested he take a seat the day before.

He placed the bag next to the desk and noticed some pages in front of him. Shuffling through them, he recognized the handwriting from the previous day. He couldn't believe that Charity actually gave him the notes she promised. Now he really felt like shit.

He mustered up the courage to turn around and at least thank her, but before he could do so the bell rang and the teacher entered the room.

Beeku: You know you're completely antisocial when you can completely ignore the outside world even if the object of your ire was making it obvious he was observing you? Charity had mastered that art, and didn't even react to Ryan's entrance. Instead she had pulled out a sketchbook and started sketching out ideas for her next doujin. Admittedly she wouldn't be hailed as a widely popular artist online, but at least she got a few requests here and there in the school. Soon the lines started to take shape as she drew a potential love interest. It took a moment for Charity to realize she had drawn Ryan's shaggy hair without realizing it.

She scoffed at how pathetic she was being. True Ryan had nice hair, and it looked soft, and she wanted to play with it...but he was a jerk! Charity ripped out the sketch page and tore it to shreds before stuffing it in her bag. With a groan Charity slammed her head against her desk. Today was going to be a long day

AbnormallyNice: The class dragged on and Ryan tried to keep up as best he could, seeing as he still struggled with the Japanese. After a while, he gave up and decided for his growing headache to pass before he attempted any more concentrating.

From behind him, he thought he heard the distinctive sound of scribbling. Did Charity like to draw as well?

A few minutes later, she tore a page and tore it up. And then a facedesk. Now he was really curious...

He still wanted to thank her for the notes. He could have waited until after class surely, but he was sick of feeling so guilty about everything.

He flipped to a clean page of his notebook and started to doodle. He made a little chibi-styled drawing of himself, holding the notes in the air. To contrast his actual self, he made the drawing smile wide and look almost too happy. It was easier to portray happy feelings on paper than in real life apparently. And just to show that he was learning, he wrote 'Thank you' in Japanese.

When he finished, he quietly tore the picture from his book. He leaned back, stretching his arms behind his head and dropped the little, folded-up paper on her desk.

Beeku: Charity felt the piece of paper fall on her head. *I will probably regret this forever*. She plucked the scrap out of her hair before discreetly unfolding it, careful not to make noise to alert the teacher. The smile that greeted her was almost sickening. It was so like the irritating ones people of the Morrigans clan wore like a mask when she was around. She gripped her pencil hard as she 'edited over' the chibi drawing of Ryan to have the scowl he was wearing yesterday.

"Don't bother faking it. I don't need to score any more brownie points, or for you to pity me" she responded in a speech bubble leading to a chibi of herself. Her drawing self looked unimpressed, the lips were sadly curled downwards. She didn't even bother trying to be nice about it. She didn't like his attitude yesterday, but didn't think he'd actually care how upset she was. No one cared. Maybe Zeke, but he was a digimon, he had to make sure she was around. No one would give him cake otherwise.

AbnormallyNice: Ryan opened the paper and wasn't completely surprised by her reaction, to be honest. Although he didn't expect the harshness of it. She had a point though, since the smile did probably seem fake. It wasn't, at least not for him. He was thankful and hoped he could show it in a way he can't in real life. Perhaps being subtle would be better...

The boy drew a new chibi looking a little nervous, with an apologetic smile. In a speech bubble, he wrote: "I'm not faking. I really am grateful...and sorry about yesterday...honest!"

He folded the paper again and passed it back, keeping an eye on the teacher.

Beeku: "Sorry your princess is in another castle" Came the reply from a well drawn Toad pooping out from a treasure chest. She wasn't going to make this easy for him. She spotted a spelling error in his reply and corrected it, writing the correct Japanese kanji over it. She didn't even return the note right away, rather she waited to see if the boy would squirm in his seat. A rather devious grin grew on her face, one that proved without a shadow of a doubt that she could be just as playful as Faith was.

She spent five minutes jotting down notes from the lecture. The hassle of struggling to do homework later was just not worth the delicious revenge spite she was giving Ryan. Actually all this anger was starting to collect in her stomach, and now it felt like a heavy rock had been growing in there. Charity knew if this wasn't resolved before lunch she wouldn't really make it to the rooftop before the dumb jocks found her. With a sigh she slipped the note- down the back of Ryan's shirt.

AbnormallyNice: Ryan waited for the page to be returned. When it didn't, he started to rap his fingers on his desk. A minute later, he caught himself and thought: "What am I doing?"

Why should he be so anxious over a note? She's got stuff to do. He's got stuff to do. Yeah.

He tried to push the doodle war out of his mind and concentrated on the lecture. Just as he wanted to write a note down, he felt something tickle his back.

"AIIEEE!" he screeched and jumped up from his seat.

He froze as he realized the whole class was staring at him, the teacher looking peeved and confused. A few girls giggled at his outburst.

"Is there a problem, Ryan-kun?" the teacher inquired. She used his name only because his last name was hard to pronounce.

Ryan's face ran red. "Uh...n-no. I um...uh..." he mumbled.

Some other kids started to giggle.

"If there's no problem. Sit." the teacher ordered and Ryan sat without hesitation. After getting everyone's attention again, she continued the lecture.

Ryan reached into his shirt and pulled out the damned piece of paper.

The reply was not worth the humiliation he just went through. And now he knew she was a gamer too. Great.

An assortment of possible replies ran through his mind, the most tempting to just not reply at all. But he decided to just draw how he felt at that moment. He draw his chibi self, facedesking and blushing wildly.

After he handed the paper back, he did exactly what he just drew.

Beeku: Charity was thoroughly surprised. Never in a million years would she expect the emo kid to actually be that sensitive. Charity filed away the information that he was ticklish for later, like when she needed to torture him. Suddenly feeling inspired she searched in her pencil case for that one pen she had that had the fuzzy end. When she found it Ryan had already replied to her note, and was resting his head on his desk. Poor kid. Charity softly smiled at him. He was totally a jerk, a stupid grumpy foul mouthed jerk. Then again he was a boy, they they were made to be repulsive, so for once she would cut him a little slack. She didn't need to write a reply back, hopefully he would get the message. She dug a small chocolate kiss out of her bag before tossing it at his head. After all you were supposed to kiss and make up.

AbnormallyNice: Ryan felt something hit his head and he lazily turned to face what landed on his desk, his face still hugging the table's surface.

He blinked a few times when he realized what had been passed to him as a piece of chocolate. He picked it up and stared at it.

He gave a quick look around the class to see if it came from somewhere else, because there couldn't be anyway it came from Charity, could it?

He scratched his head, trying to figure it out. Maybe...this was her way of saying it was okay? She definitely wasn't like any other girls he'd ever met. Admittedly...he was intrigued.

He turned his head back a bit, giving a hint of a smile. He didn't look at her but hoped she at least saw that he was fine with it.

Ryan put the chocolate in his bag, as he didn't want to risk eating in class, then continued to work.

Chiwamon was snoozing soundly in Ryan's bag, until something dropped onto his head. He caught the odd object and sniffed it.

Oooh! Smells good! he thought and gobbled the item up, foil and all.

Hmmm~ And tasty~~ he commented to himself before sleeping again.

Beeku: Charity saw that smile. She stuck out her tongue in response, and that was that. She kept up her notes from the class not wanting to fall behind. At lunch she was quick to gather her things and bolt for her locker. Unlike Ryan, Charity had left her digimon in there all alone. She knocked on the door just to make sure Zeke wouldn't move before she opened the door to gather him up. "Hi Zeke. I missed you" she cooed softly to her partner. There was a sweet side to her, she wasn't a total monster. Zeke returned her smile and waited for Charity to grab the lunch Faith packed for them today. Charity headed up to where few students choose to eat: the roof.

AbnormallyNice: As the bell rang, Ryan gathered his things and slung his backpack over his shoulder. Turning around, he was surprised to see that Charity was gone. He scoffed. He should have expected her to bolt.

As he entered the hall, he looked around to try and decide where to have lunch. He happened to catch a glimpse of Charity heading up the stairs and wondered if he should follow her.

"No..."he softly said to himself. "I'm not a stalker. That would be weird."

But looking around, Ryan didn't want to spend lunch alone and get marked as the lonely weirdo. And making another friend would be too much effort...and what if he picked another golden ticket like the goth girl. More headache he didn't need.

So he took a deep breath and followed Charity to the roof.

Beeku: Charity was in a 'good' mood, for a goth anyways. She had her sketchbook open on her lap. Her drawing stuff was scattered all around her. She had ear buds in her ears as she listened to her music. She paused mid stroke to nod at Ryan so he knew she saw him, and that they were ok now. Zeke on the other hand was eating Charity's bento. He had saved the cake from the cafe for later, but now that friends were here she was planning on letting Chiwamon have a bite. Zeke scrambled to his feet and ran circles around Ryan. If he had his vocal chords he would be yipping, excitedly calling out to his friend.

AbnormallyNice: Ryan carefully tried to step around Zeke as he ran around him.

"Okay! Hey, look out! Chiwamon, get out here before I accidentally squish your friend." he chuckled-warned as he opened his backpack.

Chiwamon floated out and down towards Zeke, waving his arms. "Hello again my friend!" his greeting was less than enthusiastic than yesterday and he seemed a shade lighter blue. Still, he was happy to see the fox Digimon.

Ryan let the Digimon catch up as he sat down a few feet next to Charity. Not too close to say they were best buds and not to far to say they were strangers.

Whilst taking out his lunch, he waved a hand in front of her face to get her attention from her music and drawing.

"You draw?" he simply asked, trying to start conversation.

Beeku: Charity pulled out one earbud to hear Ryan better. "Noooo all the doodles you saw were just copy and pasted from the internet" that was a stupid question he saw her drawing. She held up the sketch book to show...oh my. Charity was working on a Yaoi doujin. How she managed to learn the male anatomy without freaking out is a mystery indeed.

"OnO?" Zeke tilted his head curiously. There -was- something wrong, yet he couldn't quite place his finger on it. He carefully nudged over the slice of cake. He whistled and pointed between the cake to Chiwamon. He wanted Chiwamon to have the first bite. The cake was great.

AbnormallyNice: Ryan was about to snap back when he just saw boy love flash before his eyes. He looked away and clapped his eyes shut.

"Dammit woman! Discretion! Do you have no shame?" he scolded, whilst trying to erase what he saw from memory forever.

Chiwamon looked at the cake and grinned. "Oh wow, that does look delicious. Thank you!" he said cheerfully but then slowly drifted to the floor, sitting down. "I don't think it's a good idea today though....I feel rather funny. I've never felt this way, which is strange." the Digimon said and his ears seemed to droop a bit.

Beeku: "Pffft hahaha. I thought you swing that way since you clearly aren't attracted to girls. Guess you're more of a sponge, weirdo" Charity snorted. "Hey I wonder what happens when I draw you making out with the captain of the baseball team. I bet girls would pay to see that" yup she was talking about selling doujins. Exploiting hormonal girls.

Slymon seemed concerned. He hobbled closer before extending his tongue to press against Chiwamon's forehead.

"Ewww Zeke! It's not cute when Lapis does it, it's not even remotely sanitary if you do it! Quit it before you get Chiwamon all sticky ****" Charity muttered something in German as she pulled her digimon off of Chiwamon. "Hey are you alright? Zeke didn't infect you with anything did he?" she asked concerned.

{Fever} Zeke tapped his tail against Charity's thigh in Morse code.

AbnormallyNice: "Argh! No!" Ryan wanted to freak but quickly shut up, not wanting to give Charity the satisfaction.

"Hey, I can draw too. Maybe I should draw you kissing the captain of the baseball team. He looks just your type~" he sneered and chuckled.

When attention was directed at Chiwamon, Ryan noticed how down Chiwamon looked. Literally. The Digimon looked like it was going to sink into a puddle. Without hesitation, Ryan reached other and gingerly picked the creature up. "H-hey, what's wrong? Why do you look so weird?" he asked, a slight worry to his tone. Ryan was new to this 'Tamer' business so he didn't know if this was something worth worrying about.

"I feel...puffy..." Chiwamon said and suddenly turned a shade of pink.

"Aah!" Ryan gasped. He knew that had to be bad. "What happened!?" the boy quickly turned to Charity, seeking guidance.

Beeku: Charity grew red. Her and Masato? Man he was cute, but then again widely popular. He had so many girls fawn over him, he didn't even need to bring his own lunches to school anymore because they would fight over who got to make his bento. She had no chance unless she was the cutest of the cute. Ryan already told her she wasn't cute. That was a disaster. "Excuse me? Leave Sato out of this!" Charity shrieked "That hell goes on in that tofu brain of yours?" She continued on ranting in German, and half of those sounded like not pleasant things. It was obvious she had a crush.

{I think, digiworld, now} It was faster to Zeke to use incomplete phrases like texting when communicating. Right now time was off the essence.

"We should go to the digital world. There's a medical bay in Astra. Shit Chiwa, did you eat something bad? Remind me not to eat anything Ryan offers me" Zeke held out the leaves for everyone to turn invisible again.

AbnormallyNice: Ryan took the leaf from Zeke and then thought about what Charity had said.

"Wait..." Ryan said to himself as he quickly ruffled through his bag with one hand, the other holding Chiwamon against his chest.

"Where's the chocolate...?" he asked, knowing the answer full well.

"Chiwamon, did you eat the chocolate? The one I threw in my bag?" he asked his Digimon, shaking him slightly.

"Oh, is that...what that was?...So good..." Chiwamon grinned and smiled stupidly.

"Ugh, that was it!? I didn't know Digimon can't eat chocolate!" he gave a panicked yell. He was on the brink of freaking out.

Beeku: Charity listened in on what happened before she face palmed. "How asshat, Chiwamon is a dog digimon. Even Labramon can't eat chocolate, Gabumon might, but not it's evolved form- my god Chocolate is poisonous to dogs!" Charity grabbed his hand and started dragging Ryan though the school, abandoning all her stuff on the roof. "We'll be fine, just fine" if only there was a faster way to get to the the gates in Astra. If only if only she had a portal gun or was able to teleport.

Once they were in the safe zone, Charity managed to hail a taxi- or more like she ran in the middle of the road to stop it from ignoring her. Her heart never raced quite as fast as it was now. Though she had poor attitude towards anyone, Charity never really liked to see people suffer. She knew if Ryan lost his partner now, it would be devastating. She opened the door and pushed Ryan in before climbing into the cab beside him. "You!" She jabbed her finger at the driver. "You need to take us to (Address of the campus here) it's an emergency" she told the driver. The cabbie nodded and started driving.

"Ryan, when we get there, go through the gates." Here was the tricky part. Charity absolutely could not talk about digimon in front of the driver. "I'll handle the cab fare. You need to go to the 'astra wing' of the campus. Go look for someone named Lapis. You can't miss him, he's a big guy. Um, he's probably napping. Tell him I sent you" Charity hoped that Ryan could decipher her instructions.

AbnormallyNice: As they drove on, Ryan tried his best to listen to Charity as she kept instructing him what to do. But never once did he take his eyes of Chiwamon, who was wrapped in his school jacket for cover. The Digimon became pinker by the minute, and his Tamer felt like he was sinking into himself by every shade. He had no idea about the chocolate or that dogs could get sick by it. He never had a dog, how was he to know?

"Is he going to die?" came the question in barely a whisper. It was aimed at Charity but he didn't look up to catch her gaze. His hair hung over his eyes so it was hard to see what his expression was.

"I'm horrible. I've been a Tamer for only a few months and already I fucked up..." he clenched his teeth so he could hold back his emotions.

Beeku: Charity herself wasn't doing so well. She felt incredibly guilty for giving him chocolate now. It was her fault for Chiwamon's condition. "Don't-" She hissed at him. "Shut the fuck up. Stop talking about it like she's dead already" because if Chiwamon did die then Charity will never forgive herself. She was aware the diver glancing into his rear view mirror to check on them so she restrained herself. "You're going to make it. Lapis and his partner are Veterans" Charity emphasized. "They've been together for two years now. As long as we get to them they can help" not to mention digimon who die in the digital world can respawn at Primary Village.

"We're here miss" the taxi cab pulled up at the campus. Charity leaned over Ryan and opened his door, right before planting her boot firmly at his side and forcefully ejecting him from the vehicle. "You can mope all you want or keep moving forward. That wasn't a metaphor by the way. Get your sorry ass up before you really fuck up" Charity got out of the cab to go pay the dude. Then she remembered-

all her stuff was still on the school roof. Including her wallet. "...fuck"

"Are you paying with cash or credit?" the cab driver was starting to look peeved.

"Credit!" At least Charity managed to memorize Faith's credit card number after she stole it. Faith was probably going to kill her later, but hey it was for a good cause. "Ryan, go look for Lapis!"

AbnormallyNice: Ryan was vaguely aware of the words the other Tamer spoke as he sunk more into his self-loathing. All her words got really clear when he was suddenly booted from the cab. It was a decent wake-up call, that was for sure. He fucked up, sure, but now he had to do something about it.

The boy gave an affirming nod and hit the ground running. He had time to scream a 'thank you' before he headed into the campus building.

He ran past dozens of other Tamers and Digimon, heading straight for the gate. In hindsight, he could have probably stopped and asked for help from one of them, or even called his sister. She surely had experience in this.

No. Anyone could be a new Tamer and Rika was at school. It would take to long. He trusted Charity's judgement and flew through the digital gate and into the Digital world, a lot of people yelling at him from either side.

He kept going forward, spotting a clubhouse close-by. Finally, Ryan stopped to catch his breath but still held Chiwamon close to him, making sure he was safely tucked away in his jacket.

"..La-...Lapis...!" he panted.

Fearing it was too soft, he took a deep breath and yelled: "Lapis! Hello!? LAPIS!"

Beeku: "God dammit if ya gots a complaint call mah tamer. I ain't fixin SHIT all" a deep gravelly voice came from on top of the roof. Lapis peered over the edge to see someone he had never seen before. Usually he didn't bother to learn anyone's face, but literally, this kid... His pupils constricted form their relaxed state into small slits. Lapis hopped off, landing without a sound on all fours. He made eye contact with the boy as he circled downwind of his, exactly the same way a lion would hunt it's prey. "You..." His raised his nose up to the air to catch Ryan's scent. "Ya gots Charity's scent on you, dragon breath too. S’far as I know, Delgamon never met small human. Da hell do ya want?" Lapis finally sat on his haunches, his tail moved for pouncing position to swishing contentedly. He noted Ryan giving him a weird look. "Wut? Just 'cuz mah human gave meh a name ya think I'm a human too? Should she have added a 'mon' to it like dat reptile does?" Lapis grunted but rolled his eyes. His fellow digimon was in a situation. Now wasn't the time to really push the issue. He finally got up on his feet and approached Ryan. "Heh yer just as short as Charity" he grinned. "Alright let's see why da small human wants meh ta help ya" he scooped up the pink digimon in his large paws, and noted how she was burning up. "Oh man I've seen dis before. Kiddo stay here" How many times were young-lings going to eat something they shouldn't? Baby digimon (and yes to 48 year old Lapis you are a baby Chiwamon) were highly curious and barely knew restraint- that's why there were always guardians to look after them in primary village. Digimon never really had parents, but they were usually raised in a community so they could be taught what was safe and what was not safe.

"You sit, stay." Lapis commanded Ryan as if he were the dog. "Imma take this pup 'ere fer a walk. When we git back he'll be better" Lapis knew it would be best that Ryan didn't see this. Because then Ryan would only get in the way of Lapis' 'treatment' "Next time ya see somethin', ask yer human if it's ok ta eat. I just hope ya didn't swallow toilet cleaner mutt" he mumbled to Chiwamon as he took him to the forest. Once the trees and shrubs hid him from Ryan's view he placed Chiwamon on a stump. "Count ta 10" he told the small digimon. "One....two...10" he punched her squarely in the gut so Chiwamon would cough out the thing that he ate.

Charity soon appeared through the gates after sorting out the money issue with the taxi driver. "Hey asshat!" She called out to Ryan and marched up to him. Her clothes have changed when she went through the gate. "How'd Lapis treat you?" She looked him over to make sure he still had all his limbs in tact. "Impressive, you managed to avoid getting mauled by one of the most aggressive digimon here"

AbnormallyNice: Ryan turned to see Charity headed towards him. He was happy to see a familiar face. Not the first expression Charity saw from him though.

" cat thing just took Chiwamon and left! What kind of Digimon orders you to-wait...did you say 'most aggressive'....?" Ryan pieced her word together then glared at her, giving a slight pout. "What did you lead us into?"

He didn't think they were in any danger, but it was clear Charity left out some details about this 'Lapis'.

Chiwamon's eyes bulged like a stress toy and gave a loud burp and cough. The piece of candy came flying out of Chiwamon's mouth, still covered in foil. It was covered in some sort of purple saliva that made a splat where it hit a tree.

The Digimon almost instantly turned blue again and flew up and in circles.

"Owie! Owie! Owwww!" he rubbed his tummy and then realized he could speak again. "Oh! I'm better! I'm better! Ryan loo-"

But upon realizing his Tamer was nowhere to be seen, the Digimon went directly into search mode. He sniffed the air and picked up his Tamer's scent close by. Without even look back at Lapis, Chiwamon raced back to his Tamer's side.

"RYAN!" the little body managed to squeal out.

"Huh? Chiwamo-! MPH!" Ryan greeted his seemingly cured partner as the Digimon flew straight into his face, holding him tight by his ears.

Beeku: "You seriously are the new kid" Charity turned Ryan around and pointed to a bulletin board that was right by the gates. Beside that was a HUGE wooden sign of warnings. Basically it was like survival tips for new trainers left behind by older tamers. Co incidentally there was a picture of Bietimon and in big bold letters it read "WARNING: do NOT approach under any circumstance. " under that was a reminder that Astra had a medical wing just in case digimon were sick and you couldn't take them to see a doctor in the real world.

Zeke saw the sign and pointed to the section about the medical wing, looking at Ryan as is to ask if he took Chiwamon there. The fact that his 'commander' had his friends didn't bode well. The old grump was probably not going to be gentle.

AbnormallyNice: Ryan peeled the Digimon off of his face and looked at Charity skeptically. "And neither of those suggestions came to mind to you when we were in the cab? Just 'find Lapis'?..."

Chiwamon floated over to Charity and hugged her under her chin. "Thank you thank you thank you for helping Ryan get me help! He seemed so worried and I couldn't do anything!" he thanked her and then floated over to Zeke.

"Zeke? Is that you? It smells like you! Look! I'm better! And it's thanks to you for warning the Tamers, my friend!" he quickly said and hugged his Digimon, flying into his chest.

"Well, he looks good as new..." Ryan commented as he watched his Digimon return to his usual self. "I guess whatever that Lapis did, worked...?" he scratched his head.

Beeku: "I live with him dumbass. He's my cousin's digimon. I forgot he's bitey and does dismemberment" she was exaggerating of course. Lapis hasn't caused any human fatalities, or loss of limbs yet. YET being keyword. "It's mostly dumbass kids who think "ohh a kitty" and try to pet him that provokes an attack" Charity shrugged "I figured since you're more worried about your partner you wouldn't do something too retarded or I'd question how you function" Charity smiled sincerely when Chiwamon hugged her and cooed softly while petting him.

Zeke nodded and turned around for Chiwamon to see. He even had hands now to hold things instead of using his mouth and toes. He looked at Chiwamon as if to ask what his rookie form was like.

Lapis made his way back walking silently on all fours. He lazily eyes the humans with disinterested. "Small human" he greeted Charity who looked like she wanted to throw her book at him. "Racconmon. You staying fer da rest of da day? Dun ya have school ta babysit 'er with?"

"Fuck, this is the second time we skipped"

AbnormallyNice: Ryan moaned. "'re right...I guess the school won't understand a 'Digimon emergency'...." Ryan replied, wondering if there was any way they could get out of this.

Chiwamon spotted Lapis and greeted him from alongside Zeke. "Hello there! I'm sorry I rushed off like that after you helped. At least, I hear you're the one who helped since I can't recall anything before the chocolate was dislodged. Still, thank you!" Chiwamon strung his story together.

Ryan saw Zeke in his new Digimon form and put his hands in his pockets. "Huh, look at you. All big and stuff."

Beeku: "hey Lapis bail me out here" Charity plastered on the sweet yet fake smile "Pretty please? Talk to Faith? For me?" Lapis pretty much gave her a glare. "I'll bring home two slices of carrot cake for you. Extra frosting" she cut straight to business. If there was anything she knew about Lapis, food would probably get him to be more agreeable.

"I'll tell Fai something like Primary Village got attacked, and ya came over when ya heard da news." Lapis shrugged. School was dumb in his opinion. It didn't really teach people important life skills, like how to fish. It didn't teach people how to make a fire to warm yourself even when it rains and sticks were wet. School just made humans dumber and made them forget how to survive.

"Sweet" Charity grinned before turning to Ryan "What about you? Your family is going to flip out.

Zeke was average sized for a rookie. He was even visibly smaller than Lapis standing side by side. A compliment was a compliment though and Zeke smiled at Ryan and gave him a thumbs up as a thank you.

"Uuuug another wun" Lapis' long tail wrapped around Chiwamon, specifically covering his mouth to keep him from talking. "Another little brat not even weaned off before partnerin' up with a human. God they talk to much" he complained while ignoring Chiwamon.

AbnormallyNice: Chiwamon proceeded to try and free his mouth, but was unable since he was still a little weak from being sick earlier.

"Hey now! Let me go! That's horribly rude! I am merely trying to thank my fellow Digimon!" is what he would have said...but it just came out as mumbles at this point.

Ryan waved off the worry. "I'll be fine. As long as my sister doesn't find out. She's my guardian at this point but I doubt she'll tell my parents. And she'll never find out~" Ryan grinned, confident that he was going to get off scott-free.

"Laaaapiissssmoooooon!" an all too familiar voice came from where the Digital portal was...and it was getting closer.

"Oh no..." Ryan's confident stance quickly shifted to a slouch.

"Oh no..." Chiwamon groaned and hid behind Zeke.

Beeku: "Oh no" Lapis grew pale for a different reason "Da faq" He tried to hide behind Charity, but A) he was too wide to hide behind her stick like frame, and B) his ears towered over Charity's head. "Hide meh"

"I didn't know you were scared of someone"

"It's da pest dat never goes away"

"What do we do Ryan?" Charity gently shook his shoulder to snap him out of it.

AbnormallyNice: Ryan quickly moved behind Lapis who was hiding behind Charity. "You hide me too! Shit...if she's here then-"

Delgamon happily hopped over, looking everywhere for the unfortunate 'Lapismon' so she can play with him.

Unfortunately, Lapis' brilliant hiding spot wasn't fooling her.

"Hah! Found you!" she cheerily announced and stopped in front of Charity. "Sorry to bother you, but could I see my friend please?" she asked the girl looking up at her sweetly.

Beeku: "Wow you guys are terrible at hide and seek" Charity rolled her eyes. She stepped aside letting Lapis fall flat on his face.

"Off! Charity ya damn traitor. Kiss yer fackin' alibi goodbye"

"O^O" Zeke chirped giving Lapis an idea.

"Hey Delgamon? You met my brother yet? He was born in da same lab as I wuz" Lapis shoved the raccoon digimon in front of him. "Go on tell him a joke. We're trying ta git him ta laugh really loudly. Poor guy hasn't said a word in weeks.

">: O" Zeke gave Lapis a dirty glare.

AbnormallyNice: Delgamon was caught off guard by the sudden shift in attention, but she fell for it nonetheless.

"Oh...hi! I'm Delgamon~ " she introduced herself to the potential new friend even sticking out her claw to shake hands.

Ryan took this opportunity to try and hide behind Charity once more, since she was the closest thing that was relatively his size.

"You gotta get Delgamon outta here." he whispered from behind her. "That's my sister's Digimon. If she blabs to Rika we're all in trouble."

Chiwamon still hid behind Zeke, even as he was dragged in front of the orange dragon. He clung to the raccoon's fur and tried to remain still. But from inside his little body he could feel an slowly energy digivolution was imminent.

Beeku: Zeke made the trilling noise as he reached out to shake hands with Delgamon with a smile on his face. He was programmed to make ALL the friends, so he was going to do just that. Fortunately Delgamon was the type who made herself your friend, whether you liked it or not. He gestured to his throat as if to signal he could not talk, but he was a great listener. If Delgamon wanted to talk about anything he was all ears.

"What do you want me to do? Bring out magical digimon catnip to distract her with? Pull out fucking digimon repellent?" Charity retorted. She was more cooperative after hearing that even her cover would be blown. "Hey Delgamon um I just got called over to primary village with my partner. Do you mind escorting him and I there?"

AbnormallyNice: Delgamon faced Charity, a curious look on her face. "Huh? Your partner? Oh!" she smiled and looked back at Zeke. "You and her are partners? Cool!" she stepped back from Zeke to take a better look at the two.

"I'd introduce my Tamer too but she's at school today. And if she was here, she could help you better with the escort because she knows where Primary Village is. I don't." she gave a little guilty chuckle as she scratched the back of her neck. "Sorry."

Chiwamon started lightly poking Zeke in the back, trying to warn him that he was going to digivolve and completely blow their cover.

Ryan looked over at Lapis and whispered urgently: "You like cake? I'll buy you cake every week for the next two weeks if you get her outta here! Pleeeeaassseee." he pleaded, pulling his mouth into a thin line as he said the magic word.

Beeku: "Yeah" Charity gave a nice smile "Nice to meet you" Charity did something that she picked up from living with the snob aristocrats in the Morrigans. Delicately pinching the hems of her dress Charity dipped her head as her knees bent. She tucked her left ankle behind the right one as she completed the curtsy. "I hope to see you more in the future" Zeke knew this was merely a distraction, so he quickly devolved and slipped a magic leaf over their heads and made them invisible.

"Human, if ya go back on yer word, know that I will hunt ya down." Lapis' eyes glared suspiciously at Ryan. He memorized Ryan's scent now, as well as Chiwamon's. Not to mention Zeke, the expert tracker was under his command thanks to their virus cores. He begrudgingly tackled Delgamon.

"Tag" He called out boredly to her. "Can't catch me" Lapis actually ran off while occasionally looking over to see if Delamon was following.

AbnormallyNice: That curtsy was so fake, Ryan could tell. It was even worse since he had to move with Charity to keep Delgamon from seeing him. He managed to make an awkward looking bow behind her.

A second of surprise crossed Delgamon's face as Lapis tagged her, but it was quickly replaced with joy. "Ahahaha! Yes I can!" she hopped up, ready to give chase.

"Bye, guys! Nice to meet ya!" she quickly greeted before going into speed more. She lifted her body into the air so her arms could move freely underneath her. She was significantly faster in this state, and she set off after Lapis like a cheetah. "Here I coooome!" she laughed, having the most fun she'd had in a while.

In his invisible state, Chiwamon digivolved to Hachimon, dropping to the floor. Fortunately, Delgamon was long gone.

"That was very close..." the hound commented.

Ryan fell back and landed on his butt. "I'll say..." he sighed, relieved that it was over.

Beeku: "Ryan you better be good on your deal" Charity winced as Lapis took a bullet for the team like a champ. "Digimon never forget. Also Lapis has the hunting skills of a bloodhound" Charity warned him.

Slymon sighed in relief. That was close, but he did beam up proudly at his friend. As far as Slymon knew, this was his first time evolving.

AbnormallyNice: Ryan finally relaxed. "Don't worry, I'll remember. I still owed him for helping Chiwamon earlier anyway. I'll take this cake as payment for that as well."

Hachimon looked at Slymon, now realizing how tiny he looked. "Thank you for the save, Zeke. I would have hated for our Tamers to get in trouble just because of something that was my fault to begin with." he thanked his friend and smiled back.

Beeku: "Great now that that's-" Charity caught sight of the CUTEST digimon ever. Fangirl mode activated. She let out a long squee of being in Hachimon's cuteness proximity while bouncing on the balls of her feet. "Mien gott you're adorable!" She dropped to her knee to get a closer look. Charity WOULD have reached over to pet Hachimon, but she DID happen to live with Lapis. Something like that quickly teaches you to respect a monster's personal bubble "Can I pet you pleasepleasepleaseplease?" Charity asked with wide eyes and pouty lips. Unlike her fake act earlier, this was a genuine face of Charity's. One that only happened around dogs.

"OnO!!" Zeke noticed that he was quickly being replaced on Charity's list of digimon she adored. Squeaking in protest he tried to get her attention by tugging on the hem of her skirt. {You can pet me anytime you like Charity!!}

AbnormallyNice: Hachimon jumped at the sudden spark of girliness coming from Charity, but he wasn't one to turn down an innocent request.

"Um...of course, Charity! If it will make you happy." he calmly agreed, his tail wagging slightly.

"Charity. Hello? Miss Goth?...huh." Ryan took in the strange sight before him. This was new..and something tells him it wasn't fake either. No-one can imitate that level and squealing enthusiasm. Ryan made a mental note of this incident for future reference. Today has been a learning experience indeed.

He noticed Slymon's worried look and scooted over to him, petting him on the head. "Leave her, Zeke. She's looong gone."

Beeku: Charity grinned and patted Hachimon, paying extra attention to that area behind the ears that dogs seem to love. "You're so adorable and handsome. I'm so glad I got to meet you today" Charity continued to coo compliments to Hachimon. Somehow the dog like digimon managed to take away any bad mood she might have had from that panic attack earlier. It almost made rushing into the middle of traffic worth it.

{Why QuQ} Zeke seemed to feel left out.

Beeku: Charity sat at her desk in the back of the classroom. She was fortunate enough to have a window seat in case she was super bored. Faith had warned her cousin there would be a new kid arriving in her classroom, one that was a tamer. "Tsh like I'd care about some boy" She mused to herself out loud while subconsciously fiddling with the skirt to her uniform. The warning bell rang for the loitering students to get to class.

AbnormallyNice: The teacher entered the class, quieting down the ruckus of the students.

"Everyone, we have a new student joining us today, all the way from Africa no less." she announced and looked over at the door, motioning for the young man to enter.

Ryan sheepishly walked into the room, looking down at the floor. He came to a stop next to the teacher and she continued:

"This is your new classmate, Ryan Willemse."

Some of the students gave a greeting and Ryan sighed.

'"It's a new start" she said. "Make some friends!" she said. Bah." he thought to himself.

Although he couldn't really blame his sister for being here. He joined the Lune faction because he was a Tamer now and of course he had to go to school somewhere. He promised he'd try to be social and nice for at least one day.

Ryan looked up for a second only to say: "Nice to meet you." before hanging his head again.

This was still embarrassing as all hell.

Beeku: *Welp, first impression is, he's a dork* Charity grimaced, she wasn't looking forward to socializing with an obvious loner. He was no doubt going to be sassy, arrogant, rude, or a combination of all three and worst.

"Is there anyone who wants to show him around for the day?" The teacher interrupted her thoughts.

*Is it worth skipping lecture?* Charity mused while debating weather or not she should do as Faith asked for once. On one hand, Faith will be double checking once they sat down for dinner. On the other hand, she could lie...but then again Faith was always thorough and would probably text her new dude later.

"I'll do it sensei. From one foreigner to another welcome~" She plastered on a smile that wasn't totally forced, but the honey in her voice was too sweet to NOT be a trap.

AbnormallyNice: Ryan gulped when the teacher asked for someone to show him around and hoped no-one would volunteer. Or at least that the person wasn't going to be a complete weirdo.

His dreams were dashed when a girl in the back of the class stood, smiling.

Ryan's expression clearly showed his disdain. Just by looking at her make-up, hair and accessories, Ryan know she was going to annoy the crap out of him.

"Ag kak.* " he whispered to himself in his native tongue.

He felt something poke him in his back. It was coming from his backpack so he knew who it was but he ignored it.

*Aw shit

Beeku: "Very well Faustus san" Charity got up and bowed politely to the teacher and dismissing the both of them.

"You with me" She spoke to him in a curt tone one would issue commands to a dog with. The way she pronounced her English was heavily accented with harsh grunting or hisses. Her German ancestry made her sound constantly angry, even uttering such a simple phrase sounded like Ryan had incurred her wrath somehow and she was the one offering to spend time with him! "We go to my locker first" Wasting no time once they left the classroom she marched at a determined pace to her lockers. She didn't even wait to see if Ryan followed her. If he tried to ditch her, well her digimon was an excellent tracker.

"Zeke" Was snoozing in Charity's locker, sandwiched between an alpaca plushie and a large black bunny doll. It was the best way to hide in plain sight. His fox ears twitched when he heard footsteps approaching. Charity knocked on her locker while pretending to fumble with her lock to warn Zeke to wake up and play dead. Zeke yawned before pretending to be yet another stuffed animal she hoarded in her locker. Maybe if he was good she's give him one of the pocky boxes he could smell in her locker somewhere.

AbnormallyNice: Ryan glared at the girl as she ordered him to follow her.

"Psch. Yes, princess." he whispered his reply in a cold tone.

Why him. Why her. Just....why.

She sounded pissed off for some reason Ryan didn't know. He could hear it as she ordered him once again to follow her to her locker. What was wrong with her? Ryan could have sworn she thought he killed baby pandas in his spare time.

But what could he do? He didn't know the school so he couldn't just go do his own thing. He can't go back to class either, seeing as they were excused. Although it was tempting to walk back and tell the teacher his 'tour guide' ditched him.

But again, first day. Better stay out of trouble.

Ryan followed her to her locker in disgust, waiting for her to say anything else. She just fiddled with her locker door and Ryan finally sighed.

"I don't know what kind of 'foreigner' you are but where I'm from, giving at least a name is good manners." he crossed his arms, trying to stare into the back of her head.

Beeku: Charity rolled her eyes while popping her locker open. "Geez shorty were you not paying attention at all? The teacher did say it, but I'll repeat it slowly for you" She picked up her partner from his perch at the top of her locker and slammed her door shut. "I am Charity Faustus. This is Zeke" The small fox digimon could sense another digimon and whistled at Ryan as if to prompt Charity that the kid was dangerous. "Quiet you" Charity shook Zeke "Faith told us about this kid remember?"

Zeke blinked owlishly at Ryan, but then decided it wasn't worth it to start a fight. His ears twitched while frantically gesturing with his tail to the bag where he scented the other digimon.

"Right, so tour. New kid what do you want to know?" Charity asked him apathetically

AbnormallyNice: Ryan pouted at Charity, not impressed with someone clearly shorter than him calling him short. He looked down at the fox toy and chuckled.

"Oh great, you have toys too." he rolled his eyes.

He raised an eyebrow as an exchange happened between the little fox toy and Charity. Just as he thought she was crazy, the fox moved, his tail twitching.

"What the-" Ryan started to say when something in his bag started to jostle more violently.

"Bly still daar binne.*" he looked back and whispered.

When she asked him where he wanted to go, he blinked at her a few times. She was being so chill whilst he was being bombarded with questions.

"Wait wait wait. Someone told you about me? And what is that?" he pointed at Zeke.

Beeku: "EH?" Charity raised her brow questioningly. "Are you some sort of moron? Or is it that no one explained digimon to you" She scoffed distastefully before pulling her ds out of her bag. She had to turn it on, but when it did it seemed to glow with a reddish light indicating she had a love shard in there. "Your sister is friends with my cousin. I was warned some dork was going to be in the same school and I would have to babysit" Zeke whistled as if to confirm.

"This place is a little too crowded for my taste. Let's go out" There were less security cameras out there, and it would give the digimon a chance to get some fresh air without people freaking out. Still though this kid looked like he just wanted to faint. "Unless you want nurses office first ja?"

AbnormallyNice: After Charity explained the situation, Ryan face-palmed and grumbled.

"Rika." he murmured. "I should have known my sister had something to do with this..."

He scoffed at her request.

"Tch. Please! The only reason I'd need the nurse is when you decide to sacrifice me to...whatever you goths worship.

Ryan headed outside, still grumbling.

As soon as he could breathe the fresh air, he took his bag off of his shoulder and unzipped it. As if on cue, a small, blue Digimon flew out, circling Ryan a few times.

"Ryan! There's a Digimon nearby!" he announced, finally able to speak.

"A little late for that, Chiwamon." Ryan commented bluntly and looked over at Charity.

"So, you're a Tamer too?" he asked, unamused.

Beeku: "Even if I were to sell your soul to the devil, I probably wouldn't even get a decent game out of it. You're safe for now" Charity bit out sarcastically. Once they were outside Charity had to kneel down to place her digimon on the floor. Slymon was surprisingly klutzy for a digimon that was a master of stealth. The fox cooed to thank her before walking on his legs towards where Chiwamon was hovering. Zeke's tail wagged slightly to say hi, but he didn't have the arms to wave, or the voice to speak.

"You're surprised? Japan is infested with tamers and you're shocked that one of your classmates is a tamer? Hey spoiler alert: there's other tamers in the school too" She gave a shark like grin. "If you're this slow I'm going to have so much fun watching you crash and burn in class. Can you even read Japanese?" She asked innocently. There were a lot of foreigners coming to school in Japan lately, fortunately this school had a lot of accommodation, and that's why she was enrolled here. She wasn't going to tell him that though. The chance to see Ryan squirm was too funny to pass up.

AbnormallyNice: "I'm freakin' new!" Ryan quickly replied. "For your information, you're the first Tamer apart from my sister that I've met since I've moved here a while ago. But if the Tamer are 'crawling all over the place', just my luck that the first I had to meet is a girl with social incompetence." Ryan sighed and sat down, feeling exasperated. "But if it'll make you happy: No, my Japanese isn't that great yet."

Chiwamon floated over to Zeke and smiled kindly. "So you're the Digimon I sensed. Hello!" he greeted. But when no greeting came back, he looked at the Digimon curiously. "Is something wrong? Do you not want to speak to me?" he looked a little worried, wondering if he did something to cause this silent treatment.

Beeku: "Well fuck you as well" Charity grumbled something else in German, it probably wasn't good with the way her lips were sneering at him. "Fine asshat. There's some tutors that are available after school. You can go pick up some material there to help you begin to learn to write" Charity fished out her notebook from her bag before opening it to yesterday's notes. "Can you read this?" She had written it in English. Maybe if Rayn understood she would go make a photocopy later...maybe

Zeke shook his head before plopping himself on his bum. He used the toes on his feet to move aside some of the white fur on his chest to reveal a small scar. It pretty much stretched from one side of his body to the other end. He shivered as he recalled his creator digimon commanding him to silence himself. Zeke was almost certain that the bits of programming taken out of him was still in the lab. He gave Chiwamon a reassuring smile as if to say "this story is too dark for you". This digimon was far FAR younger than even his own Charity. She was turned to a whimpering mess when she had entered the lab and pieced together his story. Zeke sighed finally feeling like a weary elder.

AbnormallyNice: Ryan looked at her curiously before taking the notes and reading them over. He could make sense of them perfectly, but he wasn't about to say it like that.

"Yes, barely with this handwriting..." he added as he read.

He finally looked back up at her and gave a small, if somewhat confused smile. "Thanks...?"

Chiwamon put his little hands up to his mouth as if he was gasping. "Ow! That looks like it hurt. I'm sorry."

He floated down a little lower, until he was almost on the ground in front of Zeke. "I'm Chiwamon. I think I heard you were...Zeke? Amiright?" he grinned, since he was sure that's exactly what he heard.

"You're one of the first Digimon I've ever met! I'm still pretty young since I was technically only born a few months ago. I bet you can teach me all kinds of things~" he blabbered on and on.

Beeku: "I'll make a copy for you later. If you can read English you'll be fine until you learn to read yourself" Charity grinned "Writing in your own language also stops the super competitive nerds from trying to steal your notes. Just a warning, it does happen. They post your grades up like some kind of high score on the bulletin board. You can probably see who are the geniuses in the class just by seeing the top 10 names"

Zeke nodded as if to show there was nothing to be sorry about. This was...over 45 years ago. What ever pain he felt that day it had long gone numb. He spotted a small stick and grasped it in his mouth to write with. In digicode he spelled out S-l-y-m-o-n the looked to Chiwamon to see if he understood. With simple motions he gestured to the humans then back to Chiwamon. Was Chiwamon a digimon raised by humans? Would he, or his human, be able to read the digicode he was writing down? Just in case he also wrote it down in Morse code, and Japanese, AND English.

AbnormallyNice: Ryan managed a chuckle just thinking about doing his homework in another language.

"That's actually pretty clever. I'll remember that."

Not that he thought he could get to the top of the class, knowing how competitive some kids were, but it would be fun to make the brainiacs work harder to understand his notes.

Ryan looked out at the schoolyard before them and started to feel a little...mischievous.

"So uhm...this school. Pretty normal looking as schools go? I mean, is a tour that necessary?" he carefully asked.

Chiwamon eyed the weird scribbles for a second. Although he had never seen them before, they looked familiar somehow. He thought he knew what it said, and when Zeke wrote it twice more, he was sure he knew what it meant.

"Oh! Slymon. So you're Slymon? That is so cool, I wish I could write. I suppose I'd have to use my mouth too since none of my known digivolutions have fingers." he chuckled.

Beeku: "Just your notes. The teachers will be annoyed when you don't submit the right language answers- it wastes time" She paused and carefully considered Ryan's question. "It's basic enough. I'm sure you got a map of the school when you first got here ja? I can just write in English what each area is on your map, and unless you've got the navigational skills of a brain dead otter, you can just follow that" Charity explained. "There aren't any strange torture machines you need to keep an eye out for or anything. If you're about to skip though, count me out" Though she wasn't too keen on following the rules, her cousin was an absolute strict substitute parent. If the school called Faith, she WILL get booted from the house, and no doubt Faith will sell all her stuff on Ebay to make up for the money she owed her. "Damn that bitch" Charity scoffed.

Zeke wasn't so sure which of the text Chiwamon understood, but being an information scout, he figured it wasn't the Japanese since the human tamer didn't know. It was either English an digicode, but then Chiwamon admitted he couldn't write. This confused him. Can one read without writing? Zeke was practically programmed to decipher all texts and data, admittedly for more sinister purposes, but he always knew how to read. Zeke could not comprehend a life without reading. Even if he wasn't experimented on, the digimon he was meant to be were famous historians and archive sources. He tilted his head curiously before using his tail to sweep up the dirt to clear space. C-h-i-w-a-m-o-n he wrote carefully in digicode and English, then pointed at the digimon in question. This was his name.

AbnormallyNice: Ryan was a little disappointed. If there was a tour he really needed it would have been about the surroundings, not the school. Missing classes would have just been a bonus.

"Aw, come on." he sunk back, leaning against the wall as he sat on the ground. "Ugh, fine. What? You have an overprotective sister too?"

Chiwamon grinned as he realized it was his name that was written down. "Oh! That's me! That's amazing! I knew you could teach me some interesting things!" he clapped his little 'hands' together.

"I wish I could show you something so interesting but unfortunately I have no such skills yet. Unless you would like to fly, haha." He chuckled at the last bit, finding his suggestion very silly.

Beeku: "Tch, no." You'd need to have a mother for that, or a father. Ryan dredged up a really sore spot for Charity about her family situation. None of the biological brothers of her parents wanted to look after her, do you know how much that hurt? To be passed off as some pity request? "Cousin. I live with my cousin asshat. Even then I had to blackmail her" Charity flashed him a dark smile to mask the fact that she felt sucker punched. There was no way she was going to let some boy see her as a weak crybaby. She would rather kick him in the balls first. "Fine then. If you want someone to be your tour guide, it's your fault if we're caught. Sigmund" Charity snapped her fingers to catch her digimon's attention.

Zeke grinned, but said nothing. He turned his head when Charity snapped her fingers for him, and immediately walked up to her. He pulled a leaf from somewhere, and held it out for Charity to place on her head, then offered one to Ryan as well.

"Just put it on your head. Zeke is going to make us invisible. It should be easier to sneak past the hall monitors this way" Charity was experienced at skipping school "We should be fine if we're back before the end of the bell to pick up our homework"

AbnormallyNice: Ryan blinked a few times, staring at the leaf. "Are you serious...?" Ryan gave her a look of 'are you completely crazy?'.

Then thinking about it, he's heard the things that Digimon could do, so was it really that weird?

Chiwamon floated over to Zeke, joining in the conversation.

"Invisible? Exciting! Can I join? Please? I wouldn't want to 'blow our cover' by staying visible." he politely asked.

Beeku: "Naw I'm just putting a damn leaf on my forehead because it's completely in style in Japan" Charity rolled her eyes as her words dripped with sarcasm. It did look silly for her to have just put a leaf on her head. Zeke whistled to get Charity's attention. "Vhat?"

{You should hold his hand} Zeke tapped Morse code on her arm as she held him. Charity grew flustered

"The hell you say Zeke!?"

{If we're all invisible, he can't see where you're going. He'll get lost}

"I- uh..." Charity stammered as her face grew more and more red as she felt his tail tap the silent message to her. "Uuuuuuahg. Don't think too much into this dweeb!" Charity reached out and grabbed Ryan's wrist while shooting off a dark glare as if daring him to make a comment. "As fun as it is to vanish on you and let you wander around, I don't want to waste my time"

Zeke smiled and held out another leaf for Chiwamon to place on her head. He also made the gesture that she should hold onto someone. His lips moved to call the name of his attack out loud, but no sound was made. True to Charity's word they all turned invisible. Not even their shadows gave away their location, but they still made prints on the dusty track field.

AbnormallyNice: When Charity grabbed his wrist, Ryan wanted to protest. When he heard the reason, he had to admit that it was probably a good idea. But he wouldn't say it.

"At least buy me dinner first." he joked with a dark demeanor and a smile that said: 'fine, but I won't like it'.

Chiwamon floated up to his Tamer and sat on his shoulder. "All ready!" he announced as he placed his leaf on his forehead, his little hand barely reaching.

Ryan sighed, but did as his partner did. At least they could all look stupid together.

A moment later, Ryan opened his eyes. Not having felt anything, he thought nothing happened.

"Well, that was a waste- Whoa where'd you go!?" he gasped when he turned to Charity.

"Amazing! Awesome! Cool!" Chiwamon cheered from Ryan's shoulder. "It's okay Ryan. I'm still here." he added, tapping on Ryan's shoulder. Feeling his Digimon next to him, Ryan was a little relieved, and since he could still feel Charity squeezing his wrist, he guessed she was still 'there' too.

"Okay. I will admit: That is pretty cool." he directed the compliment to Zeke.

Beeku: "You are so lucky I can't tell where you are right now or I'd have kicked you in the nads" Charity was still pretty flustered. She was surprisingly gentle when tugging his arm to get Ryan to follow her. There was someone who was patrolling the hall near the school entrance, but they were able to walk right past them. "Okay, so here's a bus stop" Charity pointed out the obvious and removed the leaf over her head. "I'm pointing this out because this is the blind spot between the school cameras, and the nearest traffic camera" Basically it was a safe place to turn visible again when no one was around.

Zeke chirped and pointed towards a cafe across the street before he rubbed his tummy with his leg paws (that doubled as his hands when he got his balance right). Charity knew he wanted to go to the cafe where she worked, she managed to bring home free cake slices that were left over from the day. Her digimon was starting to become an addict. "No. No.No" She tapped his nose with the tip of her finger as she refused his request. Man it would suck if one of her co workers greeted her- because then Ryan would get ideas. Dumb ideas. Ideas that would probably involve her having to be nice to him or else get fired.

"There's an arcade closeby. There's also a mall by there with a food court. Eh I don't know what you were expecting. What the fuck did you want me to show you?"

AbnormallyNice: As Charity explained why the bus stop was safe from cameras, he removed the leaf and grinned.

"Somehow I knew you did this a lot." he teased, as he looked for the cameras.

At her question, he snapped back. "Relax, damn. I don't really care where we go or what you show me. I just didn't feel like being around the school." he stuck his hands in his pockets, grumbling.

"But an arcade? Pheh, no thanks. The mall sounds stupid too."

"Come on, Ryan. Let's go see what it's like at least!" Chiwamon tried to urge his Tamer on to be more social.

"I think food would be great! I agree with Zeke." the Digimon floated off his Tamer's shoulder and over to his new friend.

"Fine." Ryan pouted. "Then let's just go to that cafe he pointed out. It's closer and I could use the caffeine."

Beeku: "It's a maid cafe. Super girly. You sure you want to go?" Charity was starting to panic a little. She did follow him though, but caught a bunch of fabric from his school uniform and held on. "It's not that interesting"

{Except best cakes ever} Zeke was well aware no one else understood him O^O

AbnormallyNice: "Maid cafe...? Er...maybe that isn't such a good idea." Ryan grimaced just imagining how girly and lacy the place must look.

"Ryan! You promised to try new things, remember? And if Zeke's keen to go then I am!" Chiwamon tried to convince his partner.

Ryan looked over at Charity and noticed that she looked a little weird. Weirder than usual at least. He wasn't keen on going to the cafe right now, but he would check it out later. Especially since it looked like going there seemed to make Charity's skin crawl for some reason.

"If we go to the Mall, promise me we won't go into any 'Hot Topic's." he eyed Charity's hair accessories.

"Oh! A trip with friends. Good for you, Ryan!" Chiwamon praised.

Beeku: {But cake...} Zeke lot out a pathetically sad trill with his tongue.

"I'll get you cake some other time" Charity promised her trouble making partner. For now she breathed a sigh of relief. "The mall isn't that bad- but why would you think I wanna shop at hot topic" She caught him looking at her hair accessories. "These are handmade lolita brand accessories. It cost me my weekly tip money thank you very much. It's not that cheap mass produced stuff" She flicked her dyed hair over her shoulder.

{Super expensive}

"You can probably buy a plain stationery set with the stuff I have in my hair" Charity blushed hard. She never felt like she was a 'cute' girl, after all her older cousin had a busty hourglass shape, and was athletic enough to have a slight 6 pack. The other was practically raised as the noble princess of the Morrigans clan. Both cast a huge shadow that covered most of Charity's teenage life. Having cute things was how she made up for her less than adequate body. From the tips of her perfectly manicured blue nails, to the last pearl on her platform boots. She was dressed cute, so she was cute.

AbnormallyNice: "Oh that's interesting. Really. I just don't particularly care." Ryan commented bluntly and plainly.

"Ryan! That's not nice!" Chiwamon floated around his Tamer's head.

"I wasn't trying to be nice." the boy moped.

"Still, that was really mean. Charity and Zeke are helping you out. For shame." Chiwamon crossed his arms and glared at Ryan whilst pouting.

Ryan looked at his Digimon, brow furrowed but looking a little shamed. The Digimon was right, as he usually was when interactions with others were involved.

"Urgh." the Tamer loudly sighed and looked back at Charity.

"They look...cute. Considering you made them yourself. They look good enough to come from a store..." Ryan tried to compliment the girl. It would have been better if he actually smiled while saying it.

Still, Chiwamon was pleased, nodding approvingly at his Tamer's attempt at being civil.

Beeku: "You know what? Fuck you. I don't care either" There were fire in her words as she felt him spit on her attempts to be kind. She was reminded once again why she loathed boys and their emotionally ignorant nature. Time and time again she had offered an effort with a heavy heart knowing someone somewhere was going to be an ass to her. It happened when she trusted her father when he said he would be back for her. One year later there wasn't even an e mail sent to her. She was done being a martyr or a loyal hachiko for people to reliably use as a doormat. "You know why I don't care about your opinion? You're just a kid that I was told to look out for just so my cousin would take off some of the debt I owe her. I'd say this wasn't worth the $50" Charity sneered

"So you enjoy skipping classes this round. I'm out. Good riddance" Charity turned her back to Ryan before storming off.

Zeke looked sadly back at Chiwamon and gave a sad goodbye. Though he would love to spend more time with the two, or at least convince his partner to turn back, he knew she was just one with a fragile heart. It wasn't her fault she was born into poor circumstances in life. It wasn't like Charity wanted to have to fight for the right to have a roof over her head from family. He did look at Ryan with a soulful look though. Words were a powerful thing, it could make someone's day brighter, make someone feel like they are loved and cherished. Words had an powerful effect on people.

He should know, his creator held so much fear for Zeke's words that he permanently took away his ability to use them.

AbnormallyNice: Ryan scoffed as Charity stormed off. "Tch. Fine! For how you've treated me, your cousin should give ME the 50 bucks!" he called after her, his blood boiling. "En fok you ook!*"

(*And fuck you too!)

Chiwamon watched sadly as his new friend and Tamer started to walk away. He then turned to his Tamer, arms crossed again and giving him a scolding look.

"What? She's at fault here, not me!" he attempted to defend himself.

"Really, Ryan? Really?" Chiwamon raised his brow.


"At least she tried to be civil, Ryan. More than once. Think about it." Chiwamon urged.

Ryan did think about it and realized that the little monster was right. Between the nasty comments and spiteful replies, there were moments when she tried to be decent.

Ryan looked back at Chiwamon, his face shifting from anger and into regret.

"Okay...what do I do now?" Ryan asked in a whisper.

Chiwamon grinned, sitting down on Ryan's shoulder once more. "Now, you have to say you're sorry."

Ryan's expression became something similar to when someone bites into something bitter. "Ew."

"That's how it's done!" Chiwamon grinned.

"Even if I DID want to apologize, what makes you think she'd even forgive me? She made it pretty clear she didn't care what I think." Ryan added as he looked down the street Charity had gone. Suddenly he felt really miserable, almost wishing that he could take back that whole exchange. Losing a friend was something he should have been used to by now, since it happened almost daily when his depression came to the surface years ago. But no, it still just sucked. He'd not even considered the foul-mouthed girl as a friend, but still he felt that miserable feeling that told him the friendship was over.

"I fucked up." He said to himself, but Chiwamon still nodded in agreement.

"A little bit." the Digimon added.

Beeku: Charity kicked open the door to the arcade with enough force to make the glass shatter when it slammed into the wall. At least this made her feel a little better. Charity took in a deep breath to smell the fresh baked pizza being displayed in the cafeteria part of the area. Her boots (which she had gone back to school to retrieve) made the most satisfying footfalls as she trudged past the Morrigans clan crest that was laid out on the floor. She wished she could burn a hole in the ground to erase it, that reminder she was cast out and locked away from the elitist clan. Charity doubted Faith would be happy to hear that Charity burned down the arcade Faith owned, so she ignored it.

"Let's go Zeke, I wanna beat my own high score today" The fun thing about knowing the owner of such a place? She got sweet discounts on the tokens. The low lights and the music from the ddr machines did wonders to her stress. Here Charity was accepted. She was good for something if her high scores had something to say. Charity made her way to the seat of one of the race cart games. She gripped the wheel of the console as Zeke made himself comfortable in her lap. He felt something wet hit his head, and turned to see that she was crying.

"Skipping school again? I thought I heard the door break" The thing about going into an arcade that your cousin that there's a good chance she's probably there to take inventory today.

AbnormallyNice: There was really little to do other than go back to school, since Ryan didn't know the area that well yet.

"I guess we go back..." Ryan suggested, but Chiwamon could tell his Tamer's heart wasn't in it. The boy was still bummed out about what he did, and Chiwamon didn't like it when his Tamer was miserable.

The Digimon hopped off of Ryan's shoulder and -to Ryan's surprize- Digivolved to his dog-like form, Hachimon.

"What are you doing?" Ryan asked, confused. "You're not going to fit in my bag like that."

Hachimon quickly sniffed the air and picked up the scent of water and green grass. He grinned and, without saying anything to Ryan, bolted.

"H-hey! Hachimon what are you doing!?" the boy gave chase without waiting for an answer.

A few minutes later, Ryan finally caught up with the Digimon, who was sitting patiently and wagging his tail.

Ryan stopped in front of Hachimon and breathed heavily whilst falling to his knees.

"Why...did"he wheezed.

Hachimon turned to look at the canal behind him. Blue water passing under the bridges of the city and hills of grass on either side, making the concrete jungle a little more green. "I smelled the grass and wondered if there was a park nearby. This is even better."

Ryan stood and looked at the environment around them as he still huffed. "Better for...what?"

Hachimon grinned again and headed towards the greenery, playfully jumping from side to side. "Catch me!"

"What!? Ah! Wait!" Ryan followed his Digimon again.

He tried his best to catch the Digimon, but Hachimon just dodged and happily laughed at his Tamers attempts. The Digimon's mood was so contagious, that Ryan actually began to cheer up and sometimes laughed along. Hachimon smiled and continued to play with his Tamer. He was happy his plan to cheer Ryan up was working.

Beeku: Charity numbly lifted her head up to see the devil haired cousin herself. "Wednesday already? I was almost sure I came here when you wouldn't be here" she mumbled in a half hearted attempt to cover her butt. Faith clicked her tongue before seating herself in the console next to Charity where player two would sit. Charity heard Faith take a deep breath and resigned herself to getting lectured.

"No actually. It's Monday. I just had a bad day at the studio" Faith admitted softly "One of the lighting assistants dropped a lamp on the camera equipment and blamed it on me. The project is postponed until we can replace everything" Faith hummed. A comfortable silence fell over the pair. Charity didn't even notice when a certain blue cabbit crawled into her lap to inspect Slymon.

Lapis' red eyes made contact with Zeke's calm blue ones. The two colours clashed with their warm and cold tones, and quite frankly so did the digimon personalities. Lapis sighed and leaned over to nuzzle Zeke, and the two were soon rubbing cheeks. A low rumble was heard from Lapis while Zeke's tail swished back and forth tickling Charity's stomach when it slipped under her shirt. Though it looked like the two were getting affectionate with one another, these two were still virus core digimon, and Zeke was merely reported to his superior. Lapis eventually tensed up and let off a huge groan.

"The fuck are you two up to?" Charity grumbled, she was tempted to push them off her lap.

"I owe Fai a date at Tamamon's cafe" Lapis grumbled which earned a bright smile from Faith. Faith reached over and petted Charity's head.

"I take it today didn't go well for you either?" she asked warmly.

"God it's not like the drippy mascara didn't clue you in how shit my day was" Charity growled sarcastically.

"That's fine. Today I won't stress you out more. I'm sorry things didn't work out with the new kid" Charity blinked. She never said anything about the new kid, how did Faith know?

"Lapis and I had a bet. Seeing as how I won it means you did your best today" Faith grinned

"Charity you should have kneed him in da 'nads. Hey, next time you see da sucker want me to bite him? I'll bite him fer ya" Lapis offered eagerly.

"You...didn't think I'd hit first?" Charity was pleasantly surprised. Her heart gave a slight flutter knowing someone actually trusted her, believed in her. Even if it did blow up in the end, Faith was paying attention.

"I don't think you're a bad kid. Sure you skip school and went on a shopping spree with my money, but you're not horrible." Faith hugged Charity while rubbing her back. "I've never given up on you" she whispered in her ear. And just like that Charity's floodgates broke as she started to sob into Faith's (expensive) suit.

AbnormallyNice: Ryan and Hachimon spent the next couple of minutes running around until the boy finally jumped on the Digimon. When that happened, they started to tussle around. Hachimon nipped at Ryan's clothes and Ryan tugged the hound's feet and ears. Ryan did check around him every now and again to see if someone was watching. He'd never act this way with any human, or something in-human around. He was glad no-one came around to spoil their fun.

After a while, they both got tired and just lay on their back and panted, looking up at the bright, blue sky.

Minutes passed and the two relaxed.

"Thanks." Ryan broke the silence, still looking up at the sky.

Hachimon smiled, rolling onto his stomach. "Always."

It wasn't long before Ryan started to think about what happened earlier. The more he thought about it the more he really did want to apologize.

"Why do I suddenly want to say I'm sorry?" He sighed.

"It's probably because you don't want to mess up your chance to make your first friend here." Hachimon simply said, as if it was the most obvious thing.

He was right. When it came to making friends, Hachimon was practically an expert. Or at least he knew the dynamics of 'friend-making'. It probably had something to do with the fact he was a dog, since those creatures seemed to know just what to do to make you like them. Nor did they judge. They just liked you for who you are.

Ryan did hope he could have a chance to say he was sorry, even if Charity won't accept it. He just wanted to set his mind at ease.

After a while, Ryan felt himself becoming sleepy. The grass was so cool and comfortable whilst the sun warmed his skin. As if sensing his Tamer's sleepiness, Hachimon scooted closer and rested his head on Ryan's chest. The boy started to doze off without any worry since he knew his Digimon would keep watch over him and wake him if need be. At least there was one living thing that would never leave Ryan behind.

Tamer Encounters
This is an RP log between myself and :iconabnormallynice: We wanted to try out our second slot characters that we earned with the recent tag team event! 

Page 2: Tamer Encounters 2
Page 3: Encounters of The Maid Kind


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Digital Hearts Project

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 11, 2013, 3:34 PM

Update November 12: updated confirmed characters and linked them to their group applications

Hey guys I am right now starting on a new project for :iconthedigitalwar: I have decided to attempt to make a visual novel using the Ren'Py engine, especially after playing the demo for Hatoful Boyfriend. 

Concept: I want to make a visual novel style game that is like the dating sim Hatoful Boyfriend, but instead of dating pigeons the love interests will be digimon. The main character will be a Floramon, no other options will be available to select. This way we can draw the CGs with the love interests interacting with the player character. The personality of the Floramon however is completely up to the players because they will be selecting the responses. Why digimon you ask? Digimon in their rookie forms are easier and faster to draw, especially when multiple images are needed to express emotions. They also won't need a change of clothes for dating. This will mean less files for me to manage and draw in the long run. No humans will be appearing in the game whatsoever.

Plot: Floramon is from a digimon village of plants that have recently discovered an artifact radiating a strange energy. They have kept it in the village but was attacked the next day. Floramon, still being a rookie digimon, flees knowing she stands no chance at winning. She is found by one of the invaders and blacks out when hit with an attack. The next time Floramon wakes up she is in Astra where the leaders agree to send in some tamers to help her save her village...

Gameplay: The game will take place in a month with major events being broken down by weeks. The first week after Floramon wakes up will be her 'recovery' stage where she's still getting better, so she gets to know the partner digimon better. A short biography will be given of each datable digimon in the menu. Taking to each digimon will give basic information about them such as likes and dislikes etc.

Players MUST talk to all characters instead of focusing on just one route. This is a group after all and so the digimon have interacted with each other at some point or another, or have heard of the other digimon's reputation. Talking to someone else will unlock more conversation options later when you go chat with your intended love interest, or give you a useful item later in your inventory. There will be no notes section in the menu to help you remember this information so it's up to the players to remember what each digimon likes or dislikes. There will be however, a handy relationship meter to help gauge which digimon in the team likes you or not!

As weeks go by certain events are set to happen. For example day 15 might rain heavily forcing everyone to take shelter. The characters will go about doing their own thing and the game will ask the player what they want to do. Lapis for example will want to be outside since he likes to get wet and hates to be near crowds. Another digimon on the other hand might be sleeping in a corner and having a nightmare. These events are set to happen weather the players choose to talk to them or not. Similar to Majora's Mask players will soon be able to figure out where any given character is during a playthough and help change a character's 'destiny' in each playthough. If for example Lapis is set to break his leg at a certain point in time, the player could be there to stop it. In another playthough if the player chose to interact with someone else, Lapis will show up later injured. 

There will be a Gallery in the main menu to show which CGs you have already collected in a route. Collecting them all will unlock bonus content. There will be also be a Credits page that will link players to the application pages of the original owners, as well as a Musicbox page for music. 

Confirmed Characters:
:bulletblack: Fennecmon (not a romance option)
:bulletblack: Bietimon: Black hearted and cruel
:bulletblack: Namamon: The shota
:bulletblack: Magi and Tyks: Mysterious, yet kind and oblivious

Wanna Help?
Guys this is a pretty big project and I can't possibly do everything on my own! I'll need some help and support from the group to get the game finished. Understand that if you volunteer you will need to keep in contact with me either though notes or on skype. Think about the demands before sending me notes agreeing to help. Also know that you're volunteering to work for free. Sorry I can't pay you, but of course you will be put in the credits of the game! If you are interested note me with the subject "Digital Hearts ___" and fill in the blank with the position you're interested in helping out with as well as information on how much time you can dedicate to this project.

:bulletblack: I need a Background artist. Though I can do the sprites on my own I would like it if someone could do the polished backgrounds for me. You must have in your note to me an example of backgrounds you have done before

:bulletblack: This is not as pressing as the background artist, but I would also like to have someone else doing the CGs. It won't be a total loss if no one goes for this, but it means the game will take longer to release when I have to draw it myself. You must be able to draw a Floramon from all angles as well as other digimon submitted as characters. Upload concept art of how you would draw Floramon, other confirmed characters added might increase your chances of getting contacted

:bulletblack: Beta tester: I will need patient people who can work with me to catch all the errors and glitches in the game and play though EVERY path. I also cannot give you a guide to get the perfect ending, so you'd have to go back and click every option and tell me how you felt about the storyline. You will be getting a lot of files from me so make sure you have room from it. You'd also have to keep everything a secret until the game is released. Beta testers must have skype so I can get immediate feedback on errors in the game, so have that in your note to me

Submitting Characters

This is a project from :iconthedigitalwar: and so I will only be accepting characters from this group, but this is also a game that will be posted outside DA as well for free. I will allow for some cannon digimon to apply, unless they were digimon who have already appeared as a partner digimon in the anime series. This is because other people outside The Digital War might mix up the species and message me about having your digimon be out of character.

:bulletblack: You can only submit your own digimon, not some one else's. To write a full story from start to finish I will have to keep in constant contact with you to keep their personalities in tact. I might at some points ask for a role play where I would play as the Floramon just to get inspiration to write the routes. 

:bulletblack: You MUST be able to have time for this. If you don't have time to check in with me every week, then you're only delaying the project for everyone. I'm not going to insist for you to respond to my notes every single night, but once a week at LEAST so I can keep everything up to date. 

:bulletblack: They can't be the "generic nice guy". My main concern is that too many characters will start to be similar that there would be no point in pursuing other routes. A lot of digimon characters are nice, but what will set them apart from the rest that would make first time players want to pursue them? The key to this is, how will they hold up as supporting characters from other character routes? They have to be interesting to not fall flat, but now so overwhelming they hog the spotlight from everyone else. 

:bulletblack: MAKE SURE YOU READ THIS WHOLE JOURNAL. Now look under the Confirmed Characters list. If their personalities are similar someone else already there, chances are you won't be selected. 

:bulletblack: by applying to have your character in the game, you are agreeing to allow me some creative liberties to fit you in. You are also agreeing to allow other people OUTSIDE TDW to look at it and draw fanart for your characters. Please don't note me later and start making a messy issue over ownership. Your will be credited for your fakemon designed if you submit a fakemon. Don't be upset if you see other start copying you or making fanart it would be out of my control. Consider this before applying

:bulletblack: You MUST have good references of your digimon, even if it's a cannon digimon. From all angles. If you apply, I will be asking you for a lot of references, and you will have to draw them for me if necessary. A basic requirement would be to fill out an emotion chart meme so I can get started on their character sprites. You will not be drawing the sprites yourself so don't worry about colours unless absolutely necessary. This is to keep the game consistent on art. 

:bulletblack: obviously put a link to your application so I can read up on your characters.

If you are fine with these conditions, and other ones I might add in the future, then send a note to me titled "Digital Hearts Character App" I will be asking you a question to make sure you read this whole journal!

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